How To Save PvP [POLL] [2 Concrete Ways]

LOL they are using mass-reporting to hide posts they don’t like for “spam” or other nonsense reasons.
Just like how exploiters in-game exploited and weaponized mass-reporting.

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Either would be an improvenment with PvP always on being the obvious preference.

GrailQuest, it seems that your comments where flagged for being full of hatred (and insulting). Stop being so paranoic, will ya?

The game could be clearly improved a lot with a great pvp dynamic. Actually, this game ws conceived as a pvp based MMORPG. Everything, from the dynamic of weapon range to the fact that there’s literally a stealth mechanic.

Guys, just imagine how cool would this game be with a better pvp system. How much fun leveling, grinding, and exploring would be.

We could literally see clans fighting over resources. Guerrilla warfare. Ambushes. Gang fights between clans or faction!

Right now all these dynamics don’t exist because it’s easier for people to turn off pvp and start grinding/leveling. But easier is not the same as fun. Lineage 2 had conflict. WoW had conflict. This game needs more PvP emotion.

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There’s Other Games for that Kind of Gameplay allready, all With Just very few Players left.

If its the Plan to kill the Game completly, thats a great Idea.

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I think grinding is what’s killing the game, not pvp.

Many great games had systems like this and they were a smashing success.

But just to know, what games are you talking about?

I don’t think changing the system is the solution. They just need to fix what already exists and don’t forget about PvE-PvP balance.

Scot always says that the goal is for New World to have a balanced PvE and PvP, but really EVERYTHING in the game is through PvE, except maybe conquering territories. And even conquering territories involves a certain level of PvE. There is absolutely nothing in New World that you can progress through PvP. Outpost Rush is a joke, all unbalanced, score board completely disproportionate to reality and you will not progress anything of your character through OPR.

We need more PvP Open World. We need better Siege Wars. We need better company management. A better system of companies, with more details, more information. We need a wider variety of maps for Siege.

Why can’t I progress by doing only PvP? We need better rewards and incentives for PvP. Umbral Shards should be acquired in PvP as well. Why only in PvE? Why so much delay with Arenas? We didn’t have ANY patches focused on PvP content. Weapon balancing and new weapons is not PvP if it also affects PvE. We need PvP content.

Currently a good part of my guild is just entering the game to do some war. We have already lost most of our players simply because there is no hardcore PvP content. It’s all about PvE. Not everyone likes to do 500 dungeon runs every day…

Honestly, I think the Mutations patch will give us a goal for just 2 or 3 more weeks and we’ll be back to that low tide where the game stabilized. And February won’t even have new content…

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LOL this game needs less PvP cheaters.
There are so many and doing everything they can to ruin PvP.

Get rid of them first and bring back legit PvPers.

Look! Another exploit by PvP cheaters was posted – Celadon/US West, Company creating alts in other factions to manipulate war with Kick/Bans

They are doing everything they can to avoid real PvP engagement. Instead of addressing this root issue – which is the real issue – PvPers always just ask to force or bribe other people to play with them.

Posts like the OP’s are like “There aren’t enough people playing Lacrosse. The government needs to force everyone to play Lacrosse! Oh, and we’ll just cheat to win, too!”
Total rubbish. The OP’s mindset is why PvP even needs to be saved. To really save it, they need to leave.

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Dude, it seems like you just can’t stop lying. Blaming everyone of being a cheater without even knowing them… Being so paranoic pretending everyone is against you… Grow up dude.

OF COURSE game needs to be up to day with the anti-cheats. But cheating is just another problem. Turning the game into a PvE because of cheating is not by any means a solution. I’m convinced they’ll solve the cheating problem, but we also need a solution to the grinding/PvE mechanics.

However, you’re just lying and trying to divert attention at this point. Probably you can’t even duel, that’s why you’re so resentful of anyone trying to have more pvp.


Which the OP is trying to solve by forcing people to play.
That’s not how you encourage people to play a game.
And it doesn’t solve the issue of cheating, which AGS hasn’t bothered to take enough action on.
So much cheating and exploiting going on that all PvP is farce and a useless game mode.

This is like saying to an athlete, “If you don’t want to compete with cheaters, don’t compete.”
Newsflash: Legit PvPers actually don’t want to compete with cheaters and exploiters. That’s why OPR and PvP in general is dying. Has been from launch.

That logic is just dumb. Using the same argument I could say you’re trying to force people to grind.

Also, you wouldn’t say WoW forced people to play. You wouldn’t say Lineage 2 forced people to play. They’re called ‘games’ for a reason, you know?

I’m literally saying: solve cheating, improve pvp.

You instead don’t want to PvP at all. You’re just scared of it. At this point all you do is trying to divert the attention to ‘cheating’. But they can solve cheating and improve PvP. THOSE ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS.

The PvP fixes I suggest don’t requiere lot of developing. It’s not like bringing new content, and balancing, and fixing new bugs, etc. It’s literally changing parameters and doing some testing. While the cheating can be solved with a better anti cheat system (and maybe specialized employees).

No, they are Not. There is No PVP because Nobody thats seriously Into PvP wants to Play Against Exploiters.

You can implement all you Want, Nobody Else then the Exploiters will Play it unless AGS Starts to ban Exploiters.

And No, Forcing people to Play Against Exploiters will Not fix anything.

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You missed the third option: create a new, full pvp on all the time server, and offer a free transfer to there for anyone who wants it- one way only.

Then watch it either 1. never get the numbers you think or 2. die quickly.

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Nobody’s talking about forcing people to play against exploiters. You can read my message again.

Both your Options in Post #1 will force people to Play Against Exploiters.

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This is why policing cheating and exploiting is absolutely Number 1 Priority in any legitimate PvP game:

Whole Companies quit – literally hundreds of PvPers quit – when they realize they are just playing against cheaters. 500 players. What’s the server cap again? Just stop and think about that.

That population loss is why PvP started dying right away, and the OP has to post things like this to beg for people to play.

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It will be cool, I even think that good PVP is the only way a MMO can survive. People who hate PVP are just very bad at the game with probably zero skill, there is no other answer for so much hate for it.

My account had 100+ hours of pure open world PVP and I never find any cheater nor exploiter. Maybe I don’t understand so much hate because I almost never play wars or outpost rush, I just traveled around the map dueling and hunting the other faction, was so much fun.

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WoW PvP Is NOT always on, unless you áre talking about Classic WoW (2004) but back then they have servers with PvP enabled and PvP disabledmñ, modern WoW PvP Is switchable un capitals only, and USED to have PvP force-enabled in a few mini zones.

nowaday PvP on mean just 10% on resources extra and reputation but to how the game got build within this and last expac Is not worth.

So no, your “WoW method” Is not even how WoW work anymore… But Is sad and i wich you we’re right…

Before making suggestions you should actually play the game.

Same. I never encoutered cheaters, and my playstyle was pretty much exploring with PvP on and fighting whoever I find. I think that’s were the real fun was.

Sadly, you can’t even do that anymore because of the low playerbase (and the fact that it’s really hard to find someone with pvp on)

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