How to save this amazing game

Not until gamers are told, explicitly, “We will toss any complaints about lack of endgame content, after you sped to endgame as quickly as possible, into the trash.”

Be serious, derv - the game can not be designed for content locusts. It is not a pure sandbox, it hasn’t been for years.


I think that should probably be explicitly stated at some point. People don’t seem to get it.

It was readily understood years ago, when almost every game was single player and purchased outright, with no subscriptions and seasons and mtx store.

You got what came in the box, and that was the only promise anyone made you. They might even patch it a few times in case something was totally broken on the version they printed on the CD.

When I bought this game as an ala carte software purchase, I expected a given amount of content and if I blew through it, it would be over. I avoided even taking XP increase town buffs to extend the low end gameplay and take a while to get to 60. Didn’t cheese anything or any trade skills etc.

I watched people around me burn themselves out on it and min/max their way to 600GS and 200 trade skills and have 0 fun doing it, while I was blithely out skipping around the open world gathering and running expeditions with rando groups. They’re long gone and I’m still playing.

I guess it all comes back to what you expected from the product. The people who are just devouring content without actually enjoying or even paying attention to it will probably never be sated, so it makes sense at some point to just stop playing into their fantasy of neverending content being a real thing.

Tell them outright, here’s a story, here’s some dungeons and multiplayer things to jack around with while you wait, and we will put out more stuff in X number of months. Take it or leave it.


Allow us to have more than two characters per account.

they only assign 2 bit for max characters LOL

You guys being against mounts is super weird. Do you just hate fun? Lol.


They can’t even fix the “random location” respawn in OPR resulting in you getting kicked and unable to join in over 1 hour! ROFL!

I’m done with this game now. Totally unplayable and a real waste of time! The support doesn’t want to help you either, even when they can! They just click you off in the online support. Nasty company!

You aren’t thinking in the right manner. It’s a collectible. The speed/visuals are irrelevant. The collection is what will draw players in. Same with transmog, and base items. It would require you to play more to collect all the skins, and items. It’s still the same game, but its less of a mental stress when you know it’s for something.

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Nah, I just reckon AGS would do mounts badly. Plus, one of the best things about Aeturnum is getting distracted by nodes while running around. Getting on and off a mount would be tiresome.

Look, I’m not against mounts if other people really want them, I’d just see them way down on the priority list. Like, I’d prefer a bard class and entranced pets before mounts.

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What if we get an Animal Companion that we can raise, it can pick up loot for us, and have a Battle Mode to turn into a mount, and also fight with us in open world battle?

I think it was forsaken world that had awesome battle pets. Archage’s was decent too but they didn’t go very far. And it could have skills like the Chocobo in Ff14 to Tank, Heal or DPS.

It is not about rushing through content. What New World needs is a way to restart the gameloop. I see three different approaches to this:

  • start a new character
  • release new content more frequently

They are the ''NO" people, don’t matter what you ask for, they usually say NO just because is in their nature. Every successful MMO have mounts, even GW2 added mounts. If you relay think mounts will affect the non-existent open world pvp , then make them to be used only when you are not PvP tagged. Problem solved.

Then don’t use it :slight_smile: . But like you said other will really enjoy.

Is this the bloke who during his review ridiculed the game will be enjoyed by bearded dads playing casually?

From his youtube transcript:

i think that the game is good but people i think in many cases want more of it it’s an enjoyable gathering crafting game where you’re just able to sit back and relax and play and i think the more seriously you play new world the less you’re probably going to enjoy it uh the more that you take the game seriously the more the cracks and the flaws and the problems with the game are going to become more evident and the more that you’re just a casual uh you know craft beer drinking bearded dad that just hangs out and plays on friday night whenever his wife’s out you’re going to enjoy the game it’s going to be great but the more seriously you take the game the less enjoyable it’s probably going to be

Now we have the ‘bearded dads’ logging in every night to have fun and the ‘serious’ players only warlogging or basically not playing at all.

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Amazing for 3-4 runs after it become a chore. Dungeons in NW are not fun to run. Mutations are just a gear check , mobs will stagger you nonstop and sometime you just die instantly for no reason. You don’t have a dps meter to see if the build you have is actually working or to try some other build for fun…you are just there. Best you can do is mutations in the shorth time possible and that is not fun for me personally.

Sweet! I didn’t know I knew French! :joy:

Open 1-2 Fresh Servers as a New Player Server. All these changes are amazing but not to keen on joining back and getting stomped by day 1s.

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Add ships and naval stuff.

Guy has 1000+ hours invested in the game and he was right about all the problems since beta and the outcome of not fixing those problems.
Asmon might be a goofy baldy but he knows his shit

I guess sarcasm isn’t available in French …

I agree. Plus he has the old MMO experience but is not burdened with that being the best time of his life so he can look at it objectively.

I actually trust ol baldy’s opinion