How to solo elite quest "Keeping the Faith"

Tried a few tactics and managed to finish this elite quest by myself, with a bit of deaggro of most mobs & rocks abuse.

You can watch it here:

wrote all about it here

Quest can be done with no terrain or AI exploiting.

I did it solo myself as a full Cons Tank with an SnS/Hammer setup at level 38.
Fought the ghost in the church on his spawn and the revenant right on her spawn and just dealt with the abomination that spawned and joined in.

Defiance and Hammer lifesteal while not being overly aggressive was the key. Practically all the damage they both do can be blocked with a tower shield. Pace your lights appropriately and the damage is minimal.

Not trying to diminish your effort, as you took significantly less time than me, Just wanted to share another method for how it can be done :slight_smile:

I appreciate another take on this, though I assume it requires much more finesse, as any mistake will doom you?

Yeah. Stamina management and attack timings is pretty important overall. I basically approached them the same way i did with the Brightwood Bears.
Figured out how many Lights i could string between certain attacks before teh next hit came and used the Shield Rush and Bash as emergency Stamina refills.
Hammer lifesteals every time it was off cooldown and safe to switch off the shield.

I assumed as much, especially if you learn enemies animation you can avoid all their attacks (it is, obviously easier with a shield), but that requires much higher lvl of your own skill, my way is more friendly for a newby though :wink:

P.S. when you said Defiance did you mean Defender branch on sword & shield?

Yeah, the third skill on the right side. Unless i’ve been calling the skill the wrong thing the whole time lol.
The 45 second one that reduces damage taken. If you take the whole perk line for the skill you get 15% of your HP back at the end of the effect.

it gives 8s defence boost, not 45second one (that would have been insanely good), for 30% and 50% if you take perk.

I missed a word lol, i meant the cooldown, not the duration lol, sorry for the confusion XD

As an aside, you odn’t have to wait the full 8 seconds. If you desperately need the heal more than the damage reduction, you can weapon and it’ll end the effect early and instantly heal you.

thats a good tip, although swapping weapons works pretty clunky at the moment, I died too many times due to it failing…

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