How to solve incorrect pricing "fraud" at Market

Speak up guys,

Everyone knows that some players put abusively low values on their sales orders, so that when you try to sell your items quickly, you end up putting the wrong value and lose all your profit!

So I think this can be solved with a quality of life improvement, which combines the useful and the pleasant. This improvement would work as follows:

When there is a sell order that has the value below a buy order, then the game automatically executes that transaction, i.e. makes the item be bought by the most suitable player, the one who made the buy order before and with the highest value that supplies the sale.

The same applies to sell orders, at the moment they are made, it would be checked if there is a buy order that supplies this sale, then the sale would be executed for the highest possible sale value and to the player who made the buy order first.

I know this may be a burden for the game at server level, to be calculating more details with date and time for each buy and sell request, but it would solve a very big inconvenience for players, and would end this little game of trying to bankrupt the hasty.


The main idea is so that the guy who is trying to sell does not have to wait, since his order can be fulfilled as it is

So the person who tries to put a price too low, will have his order fulfilled on the spot

This is definitely a valid concern, I’ve seen the same TP post re-appear within seconds, over and over and over again as I buy the insanely low-priced mats to clear them off the board.

I would add something else to any proposed solves: Add the seller’s name to the Trade Post, no exceptions.

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Not a bad idea.

I’d also like to have the trading post aggregate available goods at a price point that can stack. I can’t see who i am buying from. It be a lot more efficient to know there are a total of 8,321 of an item at .08c than 30 plus listings all at the same price. Then I also can just buy what i need in one fell swoop.

Same with buy orders.

Have the trading post moderate first in first to be sold or bought. Then players know when they match the current market price eventually their lot will sell and not just get skipped over.

I believe it was EQ2 that worked this way iirc.

I think this would lead to a lot greater market stability.


I think it would be a great improvement, especially considering that the sellers’ names don’t appear, it wouldn’t make any difference to the game having a single stack of items with the same value

Is that what they are trying to do? Maybe so. Then they can buy it and sell at a higher price I guess. I always wondered.

That is probably what got me to checking very carefully what i was selling stuff for.

I do like @Hiply does and just buy those up.

I think the biggest reason for not showing the username of the seller is to make the market more fluid, since with the players’ names exposed, they could be excluded from the market, either by the faction they are in or by some “joke” or allegation in the chat and this kind of thing can be frustrating

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Yep, most of the time it is not worth buying and reselling these items because of the rate x quantity factor

And it is very frustrating to go out of a “competitive farm and sell” flow to “buy items and thoroughly check prices”, as these guys are placing many orders with different values below market, so that the “proper” price is harder to see

Ots not wrong price, its caled market manipulate ;D

How could a faction exclude anyone from a market? Do you honestly believe people are faction/company conscious enough to not buy the best deal on the TP regardless of whose name is attached?


I always buy those when I see them because it’s a net gain for me. But yeah - those are people playing the market and praying on the people who don’t know how to use the tool properly. The opposite is true too ive seen some common items listed for way over value and if you dont know to sort by value the TP sorts by most recent. I’ve boughten some stupidly priced gems on accident a few times, costing myself thousands of gold.

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Its always buyer, and seller, beware in the market.

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ok :slight_smile:

still frustrating

I mean, placing 10 different orders 0.01 gold each is not spam?

If the orders stacked maybe I would not bring this topic, and consider this as market manipulation, for sure. But they don’t, so i think the guys doing this are not well intentioned

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It’s bots that do this. They catch someone slacking that matches the price, or beats it…and it instantly buys it.

Solution? Pay attention to what you’re selling and at what price…

The devs should create a system that limits pricing to be between -20% and 20% of the pricing of the last month on the item. its the concept of controlled capitalism. In short its the idea that you cant sell something thats not worth its value, like selling a dr pepper can for 100k when its not worth anywhere near that value.

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I think this is an extreme change and would be unpopular. It would probably never cross the mind of the team that handles this kind of change. That said, I completely agree that this kind of system is the healthiest for the game, but it would drive a lot of people crazy. This kind of system should have been implemented as the basis of the game, but I think that “freedom” as a concept is always taken into account by the game directors.

Man, I don’t think I expressed my point well.

The context is that, currently, some players are “polluting” the market, creating a long list with a lot of low value orders, that will give loss even to the buyer, due to the low quantity of items on offer + value of the fees, to take advantage of new or rushed players, who will sell their items for an “inadequate” value.

This is also detrimental to more cautious players, as they will have to get out of their farm and sale flow to check the order list for the “correct” value of the item. This kind of flow break causes frustration for most players and everyone suffers, except those who are taking advantage of this “spamming” of low-value market orders.

My proposal is: To make this kind of behavior more difficult, when placing an order the system checks if there is already a possibility that it can be satisfied and automatically resolves this transaction. Just like what happens when we are dealing with stocks and the broker automatically completes your purchase order if there is a possibility.

In short, when you make a sell order, if there is already a buy order with a higher or equal price(considering fees/taxes), the system automatically sells to that person.

When it comes to resources that can happen but when it comes to gears probably not


It’s a free market buyer beware.

I do not want my extra cheap mats posted by fools taken away. I also do not want people to see the amount of mats I control on the market. The market happens to be my favorite part of the game, it’s so bad it’s actually good.

Bless the uneducated, they are the corner stone of my empire of wealth. Anonymity in trades must be maintained. It’s bad enough you can tell where listing are being posted from, it allows one with a teleport and some deductive reasoning to identify who actual players in the game are.