How to trigger Orb of Decay detonation?

Using the Orb of Decay skill, with all its passives, I don’t see a “detonation” occurring. I’ve tried hitting the bound key immediately after casting it, I’ve tried waiting until it hits the target and then hitting the bound key again, and I’ve tried waiting for the Orb to return and then hitting the bound key again. In each instance, I see one effect and one effect only. No “detonation”.

Also, I am not seeing a slow applied, nor am I seeing a return of mana. Am I not properly triggering the detonation, and if not, how exactly do you trigger it?

it is very slow

Meaning what, that the detonation does show up, but after a delay? How long of a delay? Should the skill be renamed “Orb of Delay”?

Hitting the key again detonates the orb. The effect will be damage or heal depending on what part of the orbs cycle you detonate.

Thanks for the response. Yes, I got that from reading the description. But I’m not seeing any visual feedback of the detonation, no matter when I hit it. Is this consistent with your experience? You get the effect depending on when you hit it “again”, and you see the 2nd hit register?

Ya the visual for it is rather lacking, but you should see the damage tick

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