How to truly fix melee combat

Melee class are broken.Cuz they keep making Ranged better and better.I love play meleee,but afther 2k houer in to the game i feel it’s useless.cuz you die most of time before you get to the ranged class.and ALLLLL can see emote before you gone stun them so they roll away,how messed up is that :confused: Seems like AGS just love mage/ranged cuz it’s silly when you can’t to your target and some players have 5 con,they should die in 1-2 hit but no.But as Melee with heavy armor and have over 12k can get killed in 2 shoots.How messed up is that…There is no balance what so ever…Make me whane quit,cuz 2k i spent in the game,and melee get nerfed more and more.They say they nerfing Mage/ranged but that is pure bullshit!! AGS can’t even lie!!Sick of this bullshit…Ohh look i can see his emote before he stun me so i roll away or run away.Why should stun use 2 sec to cast…oohh yeah so all can get away from it.No wonder game dropped from 60k player to what 20 k now (Just cuz of summer events)And we see lesser and lesser servers,due to player quit cuz no balance at ALL.Melee are only good in Dungons…

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I think that NW’s Combat is too binary. I still do love the simplicity of it, that is what keeps me engaged with it and kept me pretty intrigued with Bless Unleashed for some time. The 3 skill, 2 weapon system imo is terrific. My conniptions:

The aim assist of melee attacks is not cool, and is part of this head-pat, binary system where you are rewarded by arbitrarily sticking to an enemy’s tail just for being within x range. If you are not within this x range, you are swinging at air and not moving whatsoever and are punished for not taking advantage of the bs homing. Keep the same approximate lunge length that we have currently, but do not make the lunge length contingent on whether a mob or player is x meters away from you. Even abilities like Feral Rush suffer from this, where if you have no one within range to target, you go 6 meters or so, not bad I guess if that was the default, but when you have a target within reach, you suddenly are dunking on someone with the Hatchet from the Free Throw Line and that is absurd. Consistency is key here, give us a standard lunge range, do not give us a handicap.

The two to four hit combos make melee feel really flat. In general this kind of comes with New World adding flare to the game while adding different damage type selections for certain weapons. If there were an alternate attack pattern for sword that utilizes quick jabs punctuated by a hitting with the shield, then at least an S&S user could find a way to incorporate pierce and strike damage consistently in their build, thus opening up new perk synergies while operating in a competent fashion to kill Corrupted and Beast mobs. A spear user could use sweeping slashing attacks to utilize the absolute extent of the weapon while also keeping distance by trotting backwards, a functionality that is not used at all. Directionality in means other than just dodging and walking to the side of your target should exist as that open up more chances to make your target miss instead of just face tanking damage.

The Dark Souls-esque combat is what I like in so far as the intimacy of fighting goes, which is why I really enjoy 3v3. As they expand the depth of melee with the Greatsword in mind, I think there they will find some interesting ideas. Greatsword is supposed to be a “stance” based weapon, so who knows if it will have different swing animations per stance, different skill variations per stance, etc. Sky kind of is the limit so long as they put in the word for it :slightly_smiling_face:.

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This, I hate this in PvE. You’re attacking the back of the enemy and than suddenly you’re in front of the mob with the tank. With VB, I kinda feel that I lose control of my character when light attacking.

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This is exactly what I’m talking about. Player sense of control is gone.

The game always was clunky but if you’re timing was good when stagger was in the game you would still land the combos.

The combos were satisfying because there was weight and serious negative consequences to getting hit and you could insure the enemy stood where you wanted them.

Now in most instances you are punished for attempting to do multiple attacks and it just feels bad.

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IMO, the game is way too far one direction for a third sudden direction change.

The horrendousness of converting direction are the results of the current combat. Some things make no sense while some things are overtuned when in another mechanical direction the game was taking was balanced.

Look at rapier. If stagger was on hit, rapier wouldn’t be an invulnerable stick, it would be an amazing weapon still but it wouldn’t allow the silliness it allows today.

I think increasing lunge would be great and adding a, “soft-lock,” for homing with the crosshair would be sufficient. Many times have I been looking directly at someone and it auto-homes to the guy on my left while i was pointing at another guy and many times abilities have dashed beside my target and passed them. If there was a soft-lock based on cross hair that targeted the nearest enemy to crosshair location on direcetional abilities you could use skill to make up for an automated system. instead of purely direction and not based off crosshair at all. Pre-rendering distance per soft-locked target could make for better animation lengths and distances.

hard agree

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