How true end game looks like

Wat is end game ,let give exsample : Back in days i was playing neverwinter, game was having end game content called '‘tower of mad mage’( TOMM) IT was 10 ppl content, 2 tank 2 heals 6 dps, this end game content have about 5 mechanic alone and 4 fazes, first faze you introduced to each mechanic, fire, ice, lightining and wind, faze 2 are dps check, you need kill boss in 30 sec or he will exsplode, faze 3 is double mechanic like ice and wind in same time,faze 4 is all mechanic,and after you fi ich all mechanic you again need finich boss kill in under 30 sec or you will have wipe
And ppl was spending weeks to finish first time this end game and each person need understand and do mechanic, ofc reward was huge, best in slot wepons, ( you need 20 wins for 1 wepon, and yoir class wepon have chanse to drop. So still i think NW dont have end game content, new exspedition is hard, but tou can do it with first timers in 1h.

Bro imagine how this community will complain if u add them auch hard content aka old schools MMO where you had spend hours to learn mechs. Now people want everything here and now no grins just give them for free. And ofc Equality.


Yea i can imagine ;D

This is why MMO’s are a dying breed. People want to do everything with minimal effort. Funny because players spend more time playing games now than they did 10 years ago


Play Lost Ark and read forum how people complain about Velganos guardian xd Nerf it now !!! Every 5 topic. Currently I spent some hours to kill it but still fail xd Same story with tower dungeon they it is hard very hard but after twenty tries u learnt mecha and u can do it with eyes closed but it will take some hours.

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I finich my first tomm after 2 weeks, eveyday grinding to understand and call every single mech, it was so good then i finaly finich it ^^

Hard work had always the best reward. Lots of grinding is not hard work…hear that AGS?

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here we have a society issue and video industry can t do nothing for that … welcome to the regression of humanity !

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