How wars cant be rescheduled at this point?

First of all, apologies for the bad english since its not my native language.
So, we are in 3 months and we know that with any update/changes/etc server issues come through which at some point is understandable. what i cant believe it the fact AGS doesnt have a way to prevent wars, or at least postpone them when servers are stable again.

For example:

  • when into the void came, void gauntlet made server go down, we still got wars, many of them got cancelled due to massive disconnects.(attackers -15k).
  • When invulnerability bug was an issue, people easily made territories while abusing this(none banned)
  • When the wars were unplayable due to ice storms, etc, people would stack cds etc and make themselves again invulnerable to win points.
  • Today, tons of people can even connect, yet wars will take place (or already did) with whoever was lucky enough to connect.
    and im probably still missing some.

For some servers where wars are competitive and the map is still balanced, i find this extremely frustrating since you can win/lose territories due to AGS flips.

So, the whole point is, how you guys cant reschedule wars or at least make a way to pause? them until servers are fully functional.

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