How was today's discussion about server transfers/mergers

You said you guys were working on it and it seems to be a huge thing so, how was today’s progress? Was anything decided?

Nope, nothing. Nothing at all. Move along.

DON’T move along. Urgent problems require urgent solutions.

I agree there, but AGS just isn’t doing anything about it. My character is still stuck in limbo on a dead server for over 4 weeks now.

That’s exactly why forums need to be completly filled with posts about this subject, so they are forced to listen and take action faster.

And i’m not even in this situation. I play on EU Asgard which gets the cap population at peak time (2000) and is very active. But i find it disgusting that they leave such a situation unresolved, given the fact they made a complettly 100% community driven game and didin’t think of the possibility of servers dying (given the insane ammount of servers created).

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