How's it look now

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I have a lot of faith in the gear progression. When I came back in June I was 513 GS, and after playing twenty hours for two weeks I was 600. I’ve heard its twice as easy now. Also Umbrals stack neatly on top of expertise, which shows that they won’t completely invalidate progress.

Nothing at all has changed about the territory system, however in the interview they said it was a big focus of the next patch.


I was annoyeed when i came back 2 weeks ago as GS/expertise was still in game.

Fortunately they’ve made it a lot easier. I managed 500-600 in around 2 weeks (not all weapons, but main + armour/jewels).

Groupfinder add and keys removed made expeditions accessible. Gypsum helped with GS and daily tasks give nice bonsus golde tc.

So all in all some things have improved.


You guys are just talking about the gear score number though. It’s just as annoyingly impossible to actually get Gear with perks that you want, so although you’re climbing that number treadmill you’re still almost always getting s*** that you don’t want or need in terms of perks.

Bottom line, until they make it possible to actually control the perks on gear that you craft after you treadmill up to Max gear score, it’s not worth it. A .001% chance of getting what you want just doesn’t cut it.

EDIT: and as someone said, the territory system is the same. Definitely not worth coming back until you see what they do with that.

What you talking about ? I’m literally throwing ( and others too ) bunch of purp gear 595+ with 2 really good perks for 1-2k gold max. ( resilient / freedom or resilient / shirking fort.) . Never been easier to equip yourself for pvp or PVE. I also have bunch of legendaries for 4-7k on TP that have good perk for mutation

The crafting was another issue - hit lvl 60 and it became annoyingly useless. No improvement but perhaps gear drops are common enough that they are plentiful on the TP?

I don’t know. I guess my $40 is still good if I ever want to come back but sounds like disappointing progress on many issues.

There are still things they are working on. But the progress being made. The game is leagues ahead of where it was 6 months ago. It’s not perfect, but with what’s in the ptr right now I found it worth coming back to give it a try. I’m actually enjoying my time.

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Probably a good indicator to stay away.