HTML <img> tag usable in chat - can use to link any in game image

If you type an image tag and link to an ingame file, then link any item afterwards, it will show up in chat.

Example: <img src="lyshineui\images\icons\items\consumable\" height="300"></img> [LINK ITEM HERE]

Have tested a few other tags and attributes and haven’t found anything else too crazy yet, but it may be possible to do other things with this. There’s also probably other ways of getting the html to go through without linking an item, but I didn’t spend enough time messing with it.


i would say linking the code on how to do it… is well havent had anyone on my server do it yet ion global

, i did it in company when i first heard of it, but yeah can be funny and annoying

Unfortunately it already got blasted on reddit after I messed up while testing it and revealed the method. :frowning:

But if it spreads like wildfire, hopefully it’ll get attention faster at least.

Ohh no

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do we have any idea on the structure for other items? I notice that for example venison does not conform to the pattern for t1 foods. gives a bad texture image instead

you can search for the correct dds in the gamefiles. It’s actually not really hard to find out.

True, what’s the best tool for looking through the .pak files?

People saying that you can crash other people game client via different HTML commands.

google is your friend :slight_smile:

correct, a malformed <a> tag can crash the game

it’s true… there’s a type of html “code” that can crash the game if you hover with your mouse over.

This better be fixed asap

That bot selling gold in the bottom JAJAJAJAJJAA

I wonder the amount of cheats /exploits people have already found/created but its being kept private lol

this doesn’t seem to work anymore. or maybe just not on my end. it’s just a yellow block

it still works, if you get a yellow block you mistyped something.

Topan thanks you for your contribution to the degenerate’s night life.

Your sausage was a big hit.


You can send any game asset image. These are all in the game assets directory and just need to be unpacked.

how do i find all of the image names or .dds file names and are there any other similar commands for the trollololols?

You can view ingame .pak files with

I tested this and I have to say this is bug that can become a feature, if improved, rather than just patched out.

The tests I’ve performed were either done using private messages with my partner or in my guild (it’s just 5 of us and we all know each other), none were exposed to possible danger:

I tested external images (websites) and it doesn’t work, it pops out a small yellow square which is very good, or we could’ve seen a really bad spam situation of inappropriate content.

I tested possibility to inject JS in different ways and it doesn’t work at all.

I tested the chance to inject additional attributes with different HTML tags and yet I haven’t found anything dangerous.

We’ve seen people abusing this to troll users by covering their screen with oversized pictures, that is true; but not in my server at least.

Please do keep this feature in the backlog: chance to link smaller icons that can become part of the community emotes.

The few images I put in the general chat came out to be a fun experience for all the online people, I believe this could have a good impact on community features as a whole.