Huge change on weapon and the dmg is exactly the same

I changed my blue hatchet with the epic one from faction. I fell no difference at all, i do the same dmg.
I duno what is wrong but something is wrong for sure!

You do roughly 60dmg points more per hit (i wont calculate the points for now). So a bit more than before.

from 710 i jumped on 768 dmg so 58 more dmg
from 437 i jumped on 470 gs so 33 more gs
from 105 i jumped on 143 splash dmg so 38 more splash dmg
from 14 str i jumped on 22 str so 8 more str and the more str means even more dmg then before
from 0% light attack i jumped on 8.4% more light attack dmg

So you are telling me all this make you to do from example instead of 100 dmg 160 dmg? Only 60 dmg in plus?

That means with an endgame hatchet i will do like 200 more dmg then i do now? If is so the game is so bad/wrong/broken into calcuation that make us to dont even use epic items since it cost more to repair.

I refuse to believe that this is right and is meant to be like this. It cant be only 100 dmg difference betwen a green and an an epic item.

You dont understand what colors stand for. The colors green, blue, purple and yellow indicate how many perks a weapon has. For example a green has one, a purple has 3. That has nothing to do with damage.

And yes an endgame hatchet can have 200 - 300 damage points more. The real reason why some weapons are better the others are the perks. Like 9% more dmg for a light attack or if you use skill x it gives 20% dmg increase.

Get better perks, thats the point of legendary weapons.

crit and dmgon heavy and light, not too bad for pve no? idk

I did the dmg test on light attack since i got the perk for it… the dmg difference is insignificant, is not even worth the money or the time spent for the tokens.

Gear basically stops scaling around level 40. The numbers change but it has no tangible effect on your relative power.

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Ok, so having the set from faction is more then req to do anything in the game and this to have some kinda of felling “im full epic” or else we could stay even in green ones…
Now i have zero motivation into do pretty much nothing else then w8ting for a new patch hoping to see some good changes to make me to come back.

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