Huge FPS Drop since Dec 6th Patch

Similar to the issue back in Nov of 2021, since the Dec 6th patch frame rates have gone way down hill. Game play is very choppy and my video card is not being pushed to full speed like it was before.

RTX 3080TI with latest drivers. Frames are super choppy sometimes dropping down to 10 fps in the city. I play at 4K and used to see 40-60 fps in the city with the video card running at 90-100% load. Now the load on the video card is only about 40-60% (Which explains the drop in FPS)

Something engine wise changed in the latest patch that makes it very hard to have a smooth experience, even out in the open world frame rates are less than half of what they used to be. Nothing has changed on my end I played Dec 6th in the morning before the patch and later that night when I logged in I noticed how choppy everything was.


I have an issue similar to yours in that I started to experience lags/drops in fps since the december 6th patch. Yet nothing on my end changed since I played half an hour before the servers went down to apply the patch.

Also made a post about that issue. Here is to praying that if enough of us post about this, that it may be picked up!

Same here. Before the patch i could barely play smoothly even in arena. The only way for me is to play in 1680x1050 and restart the game every hour max. I have a 2070S…

Now it is waaay worse. What’s the point of adding content if you can’t even enjoy it… Just do a mega bug fixing patch please and start adding content on a healthier base.

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I would recommend to also open a topic on this. If enough of us do, it should be picked up.

Search for lag, desync, or input lag. There are plenty of posts. I’ve also tried to open a ticket.

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why is this a thing and how are you supposed to be remotely competitive when this happens? 144fps down to 15fps just by swapping weapon


People say this games better, and better since launch, but it’s just been the opposite for me. With that in mind maybe my pc is getting outdated, but no it’s a year new. -_-

I have been experiencing performance issues with the latest patch as well. Strange input lag, rubber banding, etc. Sometimes this is happening even when my supposed fps is being reported as 80-100 fps. I don’t know what exactly has changed, but I’ve definitely felt the performance hit since Tuesday.

More text here, since the forum tries to block bump posts.

What’s your cpu ? I bet it’s old and struggles a bit

Similar observations, stutters are everywhere, FPS drops are significantly worse than before this week’s patch. War last night was sluggish, clunky, and awful. Trying to weapon swap or even proc abilities usually resulted in nothing happening a lot of the time. I even drop down my resolution from 1440p to 1080p for wars and it was still terrible. Something is wrong with the latest patch

AMD 5950x + 128gb ram + RTX3080 here… its not my PC

It’s certainly not my computer… It was working fine before the patch.

AMD 5900X and RTX 3080TI playing at 4K

CPU normally sits at about 30-40% load, video card normally at 90-100% load. (This is how a modern game is suppose to work as the video card is the bottle neck)
After patch CPU is the same but video card jumps around wildly from 20-90% load now, resulting is massive hit to frame rates.

If I stay in one spot the frame rates are decent (But not as good as before) as soon as I pan the camera around the video card load (and of course frame rates) drop significantly.

Nvidia even updated their drivers on 12/8 and I tried that too, no change.

There is some issue with the graphics engine in the game since patch, The same as happened back in November 2021, and back then it was the same story, it only seemed to effect higher end cards for some reason. So not everyone is seeing this issue. Mostly 3080 and higher cards.

That’s a decent combo to run good fps outside of wars on 4K. I don’t have any issues in general unless the entire server is lagging but I’m sure nw it’s just bad in terms of optimisation. For sure devs did tons of work on that and improved it but there always will be problems sadly. I hope that changes for you after some of the next updates

Hello Everyone,

I’m really sorry about the issue you’re experiencing, this is something that has been escalated already and is being investigated, I appreciate your patience and understanding while the team is investigating it.

If you need further assistance in any other issue please don’t hesitate in reaching us again!


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