Hyperborea need merge

Interesting sieges and promises of server mergers before the new year, and after the possibility of transfer to other servers? Nah, we’d better leave for the holiday weekend.
We are tired of sitting on the same server on garbage that we can’t oppose to us, if you haven’t thought of the fact that online at a maximum of 2000 on the server to do cross-server activities, then give us the OPPORTUNITY not to sit with this rabble for 3 months, aboba


Я поддерживаю это!!!

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Same here. We’ve so much hate from our opponents, but its only in chat. They’re splitted, defeated and companies are abandoned, they can’t declair a wars and defend their own territories. Solo players are dissapointed and all they have now is Chaos guild as a main reason of their looses. And they can’t change nothing, so we need merge and not only because Chaos is boring, but because 90% of server is suffering and they will continue to leave the game.

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Pay attention to this topic @Kay @Luxendra @TrevzorFTW

This topic is not all about the merge its about the whole system. The Hyperborea is not the first server that suffers from dominating!

But now we at this point when the leaders of all other factions come to us and said:
“That`s enough we give up!”

And what should we do in this kinda absourd situation ?

We think that only the merge will help other factions to rise up . . .

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lol, they come from other server, bugs, exploits etc. Only reason to ask for merge - coz they killed Hyperborea economy and can’t sell gold for $ anymore just like they did in prev.server! :clown_face:


da ne skuli maloy


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That server caps over 1k players, more than enough to challenge and take these territories, if they can’t its a skill issue

need merge

up. Need merge

That is the problem, most players don`t even want to do something to change balance of power on server. After many unsuccessful wars they have stopped trying to win almost completely. So right now the situation is unfortunate both for Chaos guild and regular players. We just want any alternatives, even paid transfers.


I second this

ya za donbass

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need merge!

Why is the game so unfortunate?


it’s true though

We are still dying here . . .

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