I’m so tired, and you should be too: Trash character customization & the near non-existent cosmetic system

Reading their recent post I’m sad to say that I’m disappointed, i didn’t see anything “promising” for character customization & cosmetics.

Is the only source of cosmetics going to be from the cash shop?

.WoW and many others allow for cosmetics to be earned through PvE or/and PvP content like raids and arenas, taking FFXIV as an example it’s safe to say that a big part of its end game is its large variety of amazing looking cosmetics to grind for

.I’m sure many people have encountered the “I like (X) armor piece but for (A) reason I gotta wear the (Z) armor piece instead” this can be a very frustrating experience, I don’t know if some of you have played dauntless but if you have you know that you can transmog any armor piece you’ve worn in the game, and you can even dye cosmetics you’ve purchased in the cash shop. Armor clipping, poor character customization options, and for whatever reason no option to go back and change character features. It’s a big let down and in some cases it can even take away from immersion, and if you’ve read the post up above you know that immersion is a BIG deal to AGS.

@avivlobel1 came up with a great idea down in the comments to give out cosmetic rewards when you earn achievements, examples…

(Lv.200 mining) rewards you with a title and maybe a dope looking cosmetic hat

(Completing a dungeon in under a specific amount of time) rewards you with a cosmetic specific to that dungeon



I would personally love to see @avivlobel1 idea and the others that were mentioned before it, IMO being able to earn dope looking cosmetics can really keep people invested, you get a sense of long lasting satisfaction and it’s not just because you worked really hard for it it’s because you can wear it and other people can see it, it gives people a glimpse of what they can look forward too.

Self expression is super important now more than ever, there should be a way to buy it through the cash shop or earn it through in game activities, there should be a way to transmog in-game heavy, medium, and light gear armors it shouldn’t be a battle between looking dope or staying within your preferred weight restriction.

If we REALLY want it they’ll do it, if you agree give this post some support


I’d love to re edit my character! I play with her and grind with her and would love to pay for a token to change her sex and re edit it!


Sad that the only way to accomplish this is to start from scratch SMH

That blog post is disappointing for sure.

Feels like they are stuck in 2005 or something before the studios in this genre recognized that glamour/ transmog/ whatever you call it will be a huge part for players to stay active. Players started to farm skins, play outdated content, craft and create his own character in detail.
Item preview and so many clipping bugs and stuff…for example the heavy chest piece which looks good but the cape has a bugged metal piece of your fcking metal butt in it. Looks just silly. I don’t use it anymore.

Even for economy this is needed. It would take items out of the game if you get skins via breaking items.

Also I remember some news sites before launch stated that there will be an updated character editor soon and a way to update your character due to the fact the editor is so low of quality.
Never heard again a word in that from AGS.

This hole topic on create your own character in detail with alot of effort makes the difference between a random mediocre game and a quality game. I guess I know what NW will be. :thinking::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Definitely agree. For me I really like the faction helmet, the one that’s looks like a cowboy hat < I think it looks super dope especially when you dye it to match the armor set you’re wearing, but unfortunately to stay light armor I can’t wear it and that freaking sucks…

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I would even take being able to transmog gear that I’ve worn for the time being.


I agree entirely, the post today was demoralizing. Im on a lower pop server that has completely died out since my company governor quit after losing all territory to war bugs.

That has brought me to focus more on my own devices and its really shined on me that my character just isnt what I wanted her to be/look like. From the way she sits in armor, to the picture for your bio. The very limited choices to begin with dont help very much either. Feels like 2/3 people have the same exact look. It just makes me unhappy tbh.

Soooo even though Im level 60 with 400+ hrs, I started a new character on Diranda. Im already lvl 13 but its been days and I feel more dejected to play the game than ever. It gets worse everyday. Something so small shouldn’t effect me this heavily but its 2021 and if I could just edit my character, I would be a lot happier and probably get back to the grind. Im the “its the little things” guy. And imo this is a little thing which is a very big deal.

I just NEED to know if the feature is coming. Please AGS. Gender, face, hair, everything. I’ll pay.


My character looks totally awesome.

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I completely feel that, I’m at LEAST happy with how my character looks, but something so small can have a huge impact on something as simple as in-game experience.

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Lol, at least you’re happy.

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Ummm… did you read down the document… right down…

Under this heading they say…

Representation and Character Customization/Design

We also intend to continue adding variety in outfits that offer a more feminine or masculine look that can be worn by all body types. As for character creation looking further ahead we have a few plans for how we can expand the available options as well as offer new ways to customize your character. Our goal is for players to be able to create a character that they can relate to and that fits the personality they want their character to convey.

So, they are going to do more with character customization…

The real question is… what???


What’s worse about this… is that in the game right now, you already have dozens and dozens of very beautiful armors and weapons.

I just found a pirate musket decorated with algae and pearls and so on… with a pirate sword in the same look made with bolts… but they are level 35. I’m 60. Impossible. Same for armors, you have tons of different enemies that give you tons of different possible looks… But you just can’t wear them and every single player ends up looking exactly the same.

Just imagine what companies could achieve if they have the ability to wear the same kind of clothes… you could have a company based on pirates… fighting one based on asian armor… and so on.

What a missed opportunity.


lol interesting idea. (: I could see a new of companies getting creative.

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“New ways” doesn’t address armor clipping, or even cosmetics that you can earn outside of the cash shop.
I really hope I don’t have to buy every piece of cosmetic armor in the game.

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Lol, I actually like how my character looks, but I wish I could back and change her hair smh.

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Then don’t play the game.

No one is forcing you too.

Bro what are you even talking about lmao, ain’t nobody say they was gonna quit the game, go on somebody else’s post and bug them.


Just stop… be useful and not troll. Forums is not the place for that.


Same. None of them will say yes or no a re edit feature is coming… they just beat around the Bush and say relating things but never yes or no. Why is this comment being flagged? Twice now…


It’s a good way they could make money, maybe charge $5 if you wanna change your appearance.

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