I’m so tired, and you should be too: Trash character customization & the near non-existent cosmetic system

Yup and it doesnt hurt a thing. Just makes players more into the game and happy.


You’re complaining about a newly released game. What games have you designed and released?

This is the last thing imma say to you, it’s not complaining it’s called feedback on something that should be in the game, and maybe I’m crazy but everyone except for you agrees with this post and that’s fine but bring that negative energy somewhere else.

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That’s such a poor argument…you don’t need a masters degree in social science to recognize BS when you see it.

People are on here to offer feedback on what THEY think would allow them to enjoy the game more.

From past MMO’s it is evident that having glamour/xmog plays a huge part in player retention and expressing individuality.

People will farm outdated and irrelevant content for 10+ years just to try and get that piece of mog/mount.

You understand that most of the players have just quit without even coming on here to offer their feedback.

It is people like you with the whole stop playing mentality when people have different opinions that’s really driving the remainder of the player base away.

Do better.


You don’t need to have produced something yourself to be able to critique it.

Get your head checked.

It’s literally not even a qualitative conclusion to say that the customisation is a trashy PoS. QUANTITATIVELY it falls short on nearly every other game on the market.


Amazon reminds me of Nintendo in the gaming aspects. Their systems in place are so dated it makes no sense.

For the love of God, give us Transmogs for all armors! And a barber shop with better character customization! These are not things a game made by the richest company in the world should struggle with!


I have no words for how little this post made any sense, factually or otherwise.

EDIT: I mean seriously, coming for Nintendo, who literally just make fun games. They’re the most benign video gaming company in the history of the world. What even is that. Don’t even mention Amazon and Nintendo in the same breath.

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Hmm…I’d argue Nintendo is the only innovative company in terms of console design. You are comparing a company that has developed 3 failed games to a successful company that’s been around for over 40 years?

Compared to their main competitors Sony/Microsoft lets have look at the design of Playstation and Xbox they are essentially the EXACT SAME with upgraded technology…since 1994 and have been playing it safe for over 20 years.

On the other hand Nintendo has thought outside of the box at every opportunity in the last 10 years creating consoles that innovate the industry.

With games like Mario Kart: Double dash(name another multiplayer racing game that features 2 people per car) from Game Cube days to Nintendo Labo in 2018 and literally redefined gaming on the go with Switch. Wii U was a MASSIVE failure but that didn’t stop them from being innovative and eventually creating the Switch.

You are way off. Do better

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Yup, I think heavy armor looks the coolest but I don’t like the dodge I get when using it.

I really hope I can transmog anything and everything.

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You went off sir.

I’m talking about the way they handle IPs and online play and lobbies.

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So you are comparing a company that owns AWS against a company that primarily designs local lan party games?


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It’s a if you’ve never played on a switch and trying to lobby up with friends and talk to them.

I’ll give you the answer it’s implemented very poorly. Much like a lot of new worlds features or lack of features.

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I complained about this as well in older forums, but some people had some good points because we are in the age of social media, and some feel that by doing a character customization brings out a can of worms. For example, making your male char more female looking (which is what I do LOL), or making women chars too skinny with big boobs.

You will then have cry babies and complainers from w/e community with their toxic notion that’s bad to do when they don’t realize it’s a damn fantasy game.

So I can understand why this game is so gender neutral looking. It keeps it safe.

I am hoping this will change because our characters look very basic, and our outfits and armor is so out of style and so Amish or Pilgrim looking that it just looks awful on screen. Then you have the ability to dye them?!!! OMG the horror! It makes it even more ugly.

#New World needs a Salon/Barber Shop

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Well they said they are gonna start doing more feminine and masculine looking armor sets, lol I also remember somebody posting about how ugly women look in the game lmao.

Yeah that was probably my post LOL.

I really hope they do because our chars don’t look appealing LOL

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The easiest fix is to make Male/Female and everything “inbetween” all the exact same. Nothing to complain about then :confused:

Its like they are confused with RL and a made up fantasy world…

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That’s comedy gold, I feel like if I posted that I’d get some much hate

Dont feed the troll


Yup, that was my mistake.