I actually feel sorry for AGS

Not in a sense of the company itself, but the actual people working on the game.

Lets be honest, if you are on this board its because you are invested in this game. We are invested in this game because at the core, this game has so much potential.

To watch them fumble all over themselves patch after patch creating a new game breaking bug every time one gets fixed is just sad.

They need to slow down, we need to accept this game is not ready and either take it for what it is or come back when its ready.

I do have faith that at some point…maybe 6 months, maybe a year from now - this will be a top 3 mmo.


It’s a HARD AS HELL problem to solve. I wouldn’t want to be them. It’s so, so difficult.

For instance, if they somehow–miraculously–pushed a button and instantaneously made 10,000 more unique quests with amazing stories, and amazing creatures with infinite variety…but they left everything else the same, I wouldn’t really be pumped. Because (maybe I’m kind of crazy) I hate doing quests, and I hate doing dungeons and things like that.

But if they instantaneously made the things I like (open world pvp, duels, gathering, exploring) 10,000% better but left everything else the same, the PVE people would still be disappointed.

They are trying to create a thriving, virtual world with a functioning economy, and all of these systems in place. It’s so ambitious. One hell of a task.

But ultimately, I would be more supportive if the 1.1 patch didn’t completely puncture all hopes I had. When I saw they were making the crafting grind way worse, that instantly made me lose all interest in logging in again.

Instead of that, I would have preferred a new, horizontal progression system. Everything in the game stays capped at level 60, and 600 gearscore. Forever. Easy-ish to get there. ish. But moving on, all content added is kind of hard to craft. Maybe you need to complete unique quests to get certain materials. Or you have to explore the world and gather a (small) variety of items. Things like that.

But when the team deemed it was the right move to make the horrible grind even more horrible, I realized I was wasting my time on the game and that my vision and hope would never ever align with theirs.


I love that people keep parroting this line as if constantly uttering this phrase will make their wishes come true!
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Congratulations! :partying_face: Congratulations! :partying_face: Congratulations! :partying_face:


I love the game but it has become very clear to me that it was released far too early. It needed at least another year of development. It’s not the devs’ fault this happened. They answer to an authority who forced them to release too early.

I also feel sorry for AGS. They’re in an impossible situation. They’re trying really hard but an incomplete game would make any studio look bad no matter how great the potential of the game is.



You are so damn right. I am really very sorry for the employees, the developers, and even the AGS management itself. They try to make it better, and whatever they do, it makes things worse and worse.


That’s not a wish. If you play the game u can easily see the potential it has.


i for one really enjoy this title i have not enjoyed an mmo this much since wow first come on the scene players need to accept that there are many bumps in this titles launch and many ahead i just hope that they can get to grips with the issues as many other titles have in the past and keep it alive it has sooooo much promise.


Congratulation :partying_face:

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I can agree but am thankful to be able to play it and see it grow and improve. Hang ups may occur along the way. However it does not diminish my interest for the game. I am thoroughly enjoying other aspects of the game such as crafting, exploring, fishing, gathering. I have no doubt that the game will get better in time. Its unfortunately others are not experiencing the same.

Can you kindly elaborate on what kind of potentials are you thinking about?

I “have no faith” that this ^^ kind of opinion may have some basis in reality.

Can you care to share your insights on how the game may be a “top 3” MMO?

Yes, today they announce maintenance for 3 thing:
-Harvesting gear, aborted.
-Players Compensation, in a rollback and causing more issue. (here we are)
-Maybe for the war, fix going to work if only server are back today.

Look like a work day completly useless, bringing litteraly more issue than resolving them.
So yes, i really feel sorry too.

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I don’t feel sorry for the devs…

I grind away for items and money in this game and Amazon continually steals from me.

I had my harvesting gear stolen and I’ve had thousands stolen from me during Trading Post shutdowns and lost transactions. Now there is talk of a rollback… I can’t wait to see what they steal this time.

I don’t see how an MMO can survive much longer with this level of incompetence.


Dont release a game that is in pre-alpha state. its so simple.
But the money is more important. But thats not the developers fault, its the publishers fault because they are the people setting the release date. the devs have no influence on this.


Ah yes, I’m sure my post was flagged by the community clutching their pearls at its callousness and not by some overlysensitive community mod.


All that would be so understandable if the game is in Early Access,
at least we know why there is often issue and all the change, test happening and going to agains happen…

Why ?