I admit to being entitled

I think when I buy something, it should work properly. I wish my brain wasn’t so warped as to have such unrealistic expectations. :frowning:


Garbage useless sarcasm. Passive aggressive bs. Every gamer knows that games are always works in progress. The devs are consistently patching and making fixes. You did not buy this product ignorant of that truth. Stop whining, they’re working on it.


Until now the work is garbage and we didnt payed 40$ for an early access/open beta… but ok.

You’re absolutely right. If I were a person with morals, I would accept the fact that I should be given sub par quality for my money. I’m considering seeking therapy for my disgusting belief system. This is why I checked your post as solving my problem.

Happy to be of help. Get your refund or let them continue fixing the game. They know there’s broken elements. Sarcasm begets negativity. And it’s useless. No one is better having read your post.

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I wish I could get a refund. I did try. But, when I was denied, that was part of my enlightenment about what I should accept.

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