I am 50 years old and have the reflexes of a bot

Serious question here. I have been greatly enjoying the PVE of this game, but back in the old EverQuest days I used to PVP and loved it. My problem is somehow I have gotten old and slow. I will not dodge skill shots, I will not hit every combo… I do not want to PVP and be worthless.

My original thought was hey, I can stand back and heal. Maybe that is still the case, IDK… I have my doubts. I have also thought just go all sword and shield and get tanky as I can and exist. :wink:

Seriously, I am not THAT bad, but I am not what I used to be and what I can do with my head and knowledge gets diminished greatly by my slowing reflexes. Any thoughts on a role an “old” slow dude should try out in wars with real humans?



you are never going to beat the sweaty micro gamers at micro using things like jump/prone to dodge and stuff like that, the problem is the care factor not your reflexes most likely

Id rather die than sweat that hard, just need to make peace with it


Feel for you 56 here :roll_eyes:

Targetting alone kills me. Heavy Armor for sure because I cannot utilize the mobility benefits of lighter armor so I may as well use the perks of heavy.


You could try healing in heavy armor?


what you lack today in reflexes and agility, you must compensate in brains and experience old padawan! That means more emphasis on strategy and tactics.

also, how did you “somehow” become old? :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe not “somehow”, but it sure did sneak up on me! Used to play with my 4 year old son and now we are playing this and he’s 22. It will catch up with all of you. :slight_smile :slight_smile:

I think heavy armor is a must.


First of all.
Good job.
Knowing your limits is something not many people try to do. And even less truly find them.

Now you have a choice:
Either attempt to fight the tide and improve or decide this is your ideal playstyle.

Seems like you are going for number 2 and that is totally acceptable. I used to make gw2 builds for my father with exactly the same thought in mind.
How can I maximize his impact while reducing the key input.

Everything you get/apply passively is key in my opinion.
SnS is a weapon that gives buffs to others simply by existing and pressing 1 or 2 buttons.
Then for your secondary either go with the same thing or an escape(wh for Cc or Gaxe for charge).
All in all, try to focus on your strengths… Are you good at reading macro battle? You could be shot caller.
Are you good at making decisions with little information? Flex party, support group.


To add to this;
Not all Cc are born equal xD.
A Warhammer needs to be pointed at a general direction , a rapier ripost must be used at a certain time .
Pick a simpler yet effective weapon

I somehow got old, too – how does this happen?! And disabled. I’m still making my peace with PvP being a thing of the past. While this game doesn’t require super reflexes, you will still get lit up by a twitchy youngun’.

Depending on your strengths, shot-calling might be a good fit. Or the non-combat PvP, like politics.


Get it in old gamer guy!

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So many old people here …we should form Union

Union of players too old to use macros


S&S + Hammer, full tank and CC.

HA wearing healer with any secondary weapon that provides a quick escape (a number of em have such an ability) or hammer (CC and run).

Either will do well, be wanted, in most situations, especially healer.

BTW, bots have very fast reflexes, just that they are ‘dumb’. So careful with that analogy :sunglasses:

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It is going to be hard to min/max without great dodge/block/animation cancel speed. I think you are on the right track with S&S + [enter weapon]. I prefer the hatchet as second weapon…self heal and good dps.

Great axe hammer front line. Throw down a gravity well on the point and hit lmb as many times as you can, as fast as you can.


Im 58 dont let them fool yuh most of these folks are running aimbots and or the conventional macros so youre not as bad as you think you are. Now before folks get their panties in a bunch im not saying EVERYONE but its happening.

Im in your same boat I actually tried a hitbox program but it felt to much like cheating and at the end of the day I dont care if i live or die in a PvP game. I have arthritis in both hands and only 1 seeing eye so if it doesnt hurt you to play be thankful lol. Nice to know theres others my age still out there playing though,


We are here :sunglasses:


I’m surprised no one has mentioned the musket here
I’m 52 I play ice gauntlet and fire staff and steer well clear of pvp atm but I’m thinking of sniping from the back with a musket powder burn build look that up on youtube long range best in game in fact and steady paced for pvp until they get up on you where you then pull out the rapier to finish them off.
worth a look at least,


I really enjoy my musket/rapier build. Could go Musket/spear. More of a glass cannon but it is fun to sit back and pick people off.

Light armor - 150 intel - 50 con - rest in dex. Try to find a musket with 1400 damage min. and same with spear or rapier. Put a gem that scales with intel in musket (Amethyst is what I use).

You will 2 shot light armor, do plenty of damage to medium and heavy. Rapier gives you great mobility to get away and is right now IMO the best counter to Axe/Hammer players.

If you need a video to watch - PM me

I’m an older gamer too, with a disability where I can’t feel anything with my hands.
This makes things difficult when I’m smashing keys (that’s what I do… lol) as I tend to hit the stupid tab key when I’m going for the Q key… Palm smack to head…

I have also been wondering what build I need to use, should I tank, dps, or stand back and throw some heals…

I have tried tanking and I don’t seem to be too bad at that. But is this the best that I can do?

A whole lot of questions…

I just need to work out what to do as I don’t want to come up against a younger, more agile player…
I may not be very good in wars… I dont know yet.


We have the experience…that makes up for the slower reflexes. Play to your strengths and remember we are the original mmo-pvp generation. :sunglasses: