I am 50 years old and have the reflexes of a bot

Life Staff & Void Gauntlet.

That way you can sit back and heal but if anyone comes at you, you can pull out your void blade and gank them.

The Void blade cuts through Sword & Shield like a hot knife through butter.


Forgot to mention, bot reflexes are astoundingly good compared to humans !

I’m 49 and I have no clue how it happened.


Your still a youngster… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


:rofl: :laughing:

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That is true and much easier on the wrists I thought it was great BUT its just to cheesy even though it hurt me less I still saw it as a cheat and its not my style. I cant for the life of me see why young folks do it though.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean :o

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Botting hitbox programs.

Oh I think I understand.

No that’s not it, the OP was saying in his title that he was old and had the reflexes of a bot.

I was just pointing out that bots have good reflexes :stuck_out_tongue: so if he had the reflexes of a bot, that was a good thing !

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Oh lol I missed that.


Tanks can lead with experience and generally benefit from patience and detail orientation. Give it a shot!


haha… did SWG with my son at 9 and I was… ummm, oh yeh, 47. still leveling with him from across country.
Heavy armor, LS / Hatchet lol I die a lot. but still havin fun after all these bugs and 'sploits!


It’s not hat hard to learn to dodge. You can practice dodge cancels while running around, and since everything in the game aggros no matter your level, go to a low level area outside of a town, and practice dodging attacks on monsters that wont even hurt you if they hit.

You kind of need to learn to dodge anyways since with most weapons or talents you get some sort of boost to damage or heals after a dodge.


Tanks are appreciated in PvP and a must in PvE group content. I would suggest Heavy Armour 250 con rest strength and push your team forward with lots of holding right mouse button… its incredible how much damage you can soak so others don’t die and it’s pretty fun too!!


You are missing the point. It has nothing to do with “hard.” It has to do with your digits no longer responding as fast as your brain tells them too, so your brain says GO and your fingers say, “heh? what’s that, sonny?!”

@Lady-Hexx Have you considered foot pedals? I use them instead of a mouse since my hands are terrible.


Didn’t know there was such a thing… Thankyou @Asri

Don’t know if I can do this here, but here is a link to a video on tanking in New World…

I think his info is good… try it out.


to echo: it’s not your age, it’s the care factor.
The kids aren’t better than you because of some perceived genetic benefit, they’re better than you because they practice more; their reactions are faster, mostly, because they’ve repeated them more often than you have

It is an important distinction because it means the solution is that it doesn’t matter what class you pick, you’re going to be in the same situation until you start taking it as seriously as they do.


Ummm… most of us older types have a lot more practice than you seem to think…

And we, the older group, know it has to do with our bones that are creaky, not well lubricated, NOT what they were when we were younger…

Nothing to do with practice as we have had more practice than you can imagine…


There’s always a “git gud,” agism style, when someone asks for help with their diminishing body.

I suggest you unplug your mouse and then leave it on in the other room. Go PVP. Let me know how it goes, and if the problem was caring about the results or needing practice ​more.

Either way, you’ll find out someday.


I’m part of ‘we, the older group’. There are things I cannot do as well as a 20-year old; playing this game, in any role, isn’t one of them. You can keep on making excuses if you want, have fun