I am a homeowner

In real life. I already work a job to be able to pay property taxes and upkeep. I do not want to also simulate this in a game. Yes, it’s not hard to get the 2k or so of gold in a week you’ll say. That’s not the point. Its not something I want to do, just to be able to manage the horrible inventory system. “LOL don’t buy a house then!” you’ll say dismissively, satisfied that you’ve done your honorable daily duty by derisively shutting down another “complainer”.

Fine, if thats the game you want to pay for and play, you go ahead. But I sure as hell won’t.


LOL don’t buy a house then!


would be sweeter if it were 2k per week…it’s 2k per 5 days
and if somebody cranks taxes…its MUCH more.

The devs have already mentioned in a blog post that they are going to extend the time to 7 days instead of 5

oh good…so “someday things will be better” is still their rallying cry eh?

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Seriously, just don’t pay the taxes until you want to enable the benefits of trophies. The storage you get from housing isn’t the be all end all solution when you can just place items into other territory and refine them down to make space.

I just bought my third home in game and I had not paid taxes in about a week until today when I turned them all on so I could gather the next few days. I plan no not paying again for probably another while until I need the trophy benefits again, which would be once I get into max crafting.

First of all do like 3 quest everyday (daily ones) in a high zone it will give you like 300g+ for what 20 min work if you are average player, do that for 5 days thats 1500g or do 1 war/invasion each week thats like 1200-1400g+ too even from failing it its even more then the taxes, if you choose to decrease taxes in the town you have the house.

its not that much work, as Im guessing you spend more then even 1h ingame daily.
Like this game aint based about need to have 200k+ gold in your inventory or spend hours to even farm. Read what some things gives you, and you will notice gold will come fast in.

We might be some social experiment by Amazon to see what breaking point we are at and if we riot over extreme taxes. The fact is in this game we buy the house then pay rent to live in it. That’s what it is. Expensive Rent not taxes.

Taxes should be 1% a week or honestly just removed so everyone can just buy a house and enjoy the feature and playing the game. Taxes are bad in real life we definitely don’t need it in a game.


Or if you dont wanna “work” for something, skip buying a house, like its not needed its for people that want to have that experince or use the benefits of it, welcome to a game that FINALLY dont give stuff just for free becuse of the community crying.

I promise half of you soon comes with “void ore should drop from iron vein too”

Your first home is 50% off I don’t see how you are paying 2k per 5 days soon to 7 days. Unless this is your second home which is a 20K Luxury home then obviously it is self-harm since you bought a secondary house that cost you more than you are WILLING to play.

They need to change it from saying “Buying a House” to “Renting a House” because no where has taxes like this. It’s much closer to renting than paying taxes. If taxes worked like this in real life then only the government would own houses.

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It’s a video game, obviously the economy isn’t 1:1 with real life. Would LOVE to be able to earn money just by cutting down trees and breaking rocks

How do you think the tress get from the forest into a saw mill?

Clue 1. It doesn’t walk there.

Answer. A tree surgeon is the profession of someone who cuts down trees for a living. I think the American equivalent is lumberjack. A paid profession.

If you want to craft GS600+ gear you need a house with three trophies. You cannot access all the game content without a house.

Lots of people make money cutting down trees and breaking rocks.

Arcosa Specialty Materials | Gravel & Crushed Rock Solutions
Weyerhaeuser: Timber, Land, and Forest Products

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Meanwhile my t4 house 800 in taxes and T1 2nd house is 400 in taxes bot not in faction owned towns either

Yea, my t4 house is about the same. I put a few territory points into lower taxes, and the town owners aren’t d-bags

I think mine like 23 perc discount bit not getting the faction discount. My 2nd house has no terity discount atm

Does anyone anywhere think it’s FUN to pay Rent or Taxes? It is just a reminder of real life issues. People that think it a great idea in a video game have never had to deal with these issues every month it in real life, In NW it’s shoved in your face way to much. Hard to think of anything quite as immersion breaking as this system.


We could just get rid of the economy entirely if that makes it more FUN


I totally agree.

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