I am a Medium and heavy armor user and I am saying do not nerf light armor

I use medium and heavy armor, but I do not think making light armor squishy is a good idea. However I think AGS should increase the survivability with medium and heavy.

Suggestion: increase block stability with medium and heavy. If medium and heavy can’t dodge as much they should be able to block more than light. Medium should be at least 10% and heavy should be 25%. Light can still have resilient.

Also blocking in general for all weapons need a buff especially against ranger weapons. At least certain weapons should have a high blocking efficiency against range. Like the ice gauntlet being better than a rapier at block range attacks.

If you nerf resilients and shirking it’ll reduced player count because so many people have worked so hard at getting the BIS gear in light. If they become so squishy that resilient and shirking fort is almost useless I imagine that would be infuriating.


I am a light armor user and I’m saying two things:

1 - maybe they should, depending on how it plays out



Nerfing light will force light to run more con and therefore increase the survivability of medium/heavy.

Add perks that work good with med heavy armor and leave resilient/shirking fort as is. Would that not be an easier solution and keep a lot more people happy?

Check out this guy Hiply being the voice of reason in all the threads.

You can’t just buff stuff. There will always have to be nerfs.


there has been a huge list of nerfs implemented under the guise of tweeks and patches. its no surprise that light armor is already regarded as the glass cannon build, saying we need nerfs is only reducing the players pve experience. it would be far better at this point to go the opposite way and buff the medium and heavy builds.

Light armor is already dead, the fact they don’t realize that and wanna nerf it even more shows they clearly don’t follow the meta at all.

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They just need to bring back Paladins, so we can dust off the old stuff, and use it again.


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I mean Medium users can literally dodge more than Light Armor players considering their hop costs a whole 10 stamina less for whatever reason.

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Where did i say to “just buff stuff”

Medium is the most survivable build in the game. Medium dodge actually covers a decent distance and you get one more dodge than light. You can equip a few heavy armor pieces and get quite a bit of resistance. All wars and OPR are usually determined by how much healing you can provide to your medium/heavy melee users. Light users are only used for ranged and squads dedicated to chasing healers down because they can’t survive the GA/WH spam fest on the control points.


Medium/Heavy armour blocking builds need an equivalent to shirking fortification. They should rework sturdy fortification to be usable in all armour, not just shields.

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Do you happen to know the distance each dodge covers? For example, does a medium dodge cover roughly 2x the distance of heavy? To me, this is far more important that being able to dodge a third time. Even if you dodge 3x as a medium towards a LA user, and he dodges two times away from from you, he is still light years away.

Med dodge is roughly 3/4 distance of light, but since you get one more dodge in med, it somewhat equals out.

This would be pretty cool. Footwear never got a perk tied to it unlike the rest of the pieces (Critical Retribution per Helmet, Sturdy Energy per Chest, Shirking Energy per Light & Medium Pants, and Empowering Breaker per Gloves), so perhaps making Sturdy Fortification available in builds outside of those that require S&S would be cool. We are still waiting for these long awaited block changes, so maybe this could be a nice boon for medium and/or heavy folks that are supposed to benefit from blocking.

Of course this is a suggestion for PTR testing. In clumps I can dominate over light armor users. 1v1 it really depends. There are many variables that are at play. In my opinion increasing the survivability of medium and heavy that is unique to those armor types should be done first before we start nerfing light armor again.

As a purely subjective observation people do not play medium and heavy as much because of the survivability in PvP. However in pve light armor has trouble. So by buffing the other two armor types will bring players who want a different play style over from light into medium and heavy.

If that still doesn’t work then yes maybe nerfing light will be the other option.

I will point out that the light roll looks grossly unnatural. It is so fast and long that is looks more ridiculous than convincing even for a fantasy.

So maybe by making the light roll look more natural and convincing could be a simple fix.

I really like this idea. I do wish I can see the rework for blocking beforehand however.