I am a Medium and heavy armor user and I am saying do not nerf light armor

Medium will be nurfed as well if they’re talking about scaling. Heavy will be the new meta because guaranteed its gonna be bugged af. Lol I’m ready LFG “Amazon Gaming Project Management Studios”!

But the problem is your trying to proc shirking fortification when dodging? Costing less stamina per dodge means more hops (dodges) for medium (along with higher armor damage mitigation). So more dodges mean more procs from shirking fortification quicker therefore reaching fortification cap quicker and easier while having better damage mitigation.

Nerf medium armor……

Fundamentally speaking, the big problem right now is that damage options are outpacing durability options by a wide margin, making healing even more necessary.

At the same time, the strongest durability option is Shirking Fort, which rewards dodging with more durability after the dodge is successful. This is why Medium and Light are strong and Heavy is weak. Because Heavy makes very poor use of Shirking Fort. In fact, Heavy pretty much shouldn’t even bother with Shirking Fort a lot of the time.


This is a very good point.

The trade off for high dmg in ligh should also not add high mobility with penalty = die faster, so OK you a mage/healer hunter you should die to a 1 nuke fireball 5 con fire mage not GS out of it or SNB, the ranged dex, melee str, light mage should act like rock paper scissors mechanic not have a class that is bis overall in everything, not having classes hurts the game, by the time you get close to a mage that mage should have same speed to be able to kite or be able to lower your hp more than currently is, or Mages will die in the game as PVE content already blocks them doing dungeons because of mutation 60/75% resist to that element (ice/fire mutations)
Most games Mages are nukers, heavy is super tanky and dex bow/dagger is mage counter and they are countered by mages and tanked by heavy.
Stamina on a heavy tower shield breaks to fast to anything so Heavy needs some love with more perks to make you hard to kill them.
Check old lineage II future throne and liberty, where you had bersekers, tanks, dagger/assasin, bow user and mages and buffers class and 2 types of healers single target and aoe healers, the counter that a dual dagger assasin moved fast and had invisible skils to creep up on a mage/bow user but also was super squishy (had debuffs and stuns) yet mages could win if they caught/see you while dagger counter nuked light users.

I doubt you’re a Med/Heavy armor user, you sound more like a light armor user pretending to be a med/heavy user because you don’t want to lose the huge advantage light gear has over med/heavy gear.

Hardly anyone uses light armor except for dex range and healers.

Not sure how I could convince you otherwise nor do I think it matters, but understand I am saying that there is an advantage to light armor. However how I think we should deal with it isn’t the typical knee jerk reaction of just nerfing. If people in light armor find the gameplay to be fun why rob them of that if there is a possibility of another answer. On the other hand people in medium/heavy are not having fun, so my way of thinking is why not figure out away to make it fun in away through buffing the other two armor types. Every MMO I have ever played has done this trading of buff and nerfs and none have ever achieved sustainable balance. But nerfing is a quick way to ruin BIS builds that took time and energy. We should exhaust other options first before that.

Buffing other things like Max Health would actually solve most peoples Issues

Most peoples Damage is 4k-8k
Max Health averages 8k-13k

AGS seem to talk a lot about wanting a creative player base but are very restrictive and oppressive when it come to creativity. They don’t want the Holy Trinity of Tank - Healer - DPS
But literally every descision they make forces you into the holy trinity.

Increase block stability vs range weapons, across the board. Legit, every single weapon.

Tower shields should for sure have a buff vs range weapons, if at a distance. If close, no.

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