I am really enjoying New World

I just wanted to give the Devs and Moderators a easy post to view :slight_smile:
My wife and I are really enjoying this game. If you love to hate on it then hey that’s your choice.
Hate and Love makes the world go around in MMO’s Without it, it would be boring.
But since I been playing PC online games since 1997… New World has brought back some good memories of how its game play is designed. Sorry nit pickers… I am just here to have fun on the game and PLAY the game. Be a Gamer… not a drama lama or keyboard game designer thinking this should change or that should change… Nope. I am here to play New World and be a Gamer… not a developer, or a whiner. Yes constructive criticism is the voice of those whom see or find issues. But your real life issues is not constructive for this great games universe as a whole. Be kind to one another, life is short. Enjoy gaming without expelling your real lives anger and rage. And also think about this for one minute… Anger and rage can shorten a life span of a online game.


same. most fun i’ve had in a game in over 15 years.

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The game it’s pretty damn fun indeed.

I don’t like major changes like some people suggest, just fixing some things and QoL improvements here and there.

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