I am such a dummy

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So build your PVP gear, guys. I spent quite a lot of gold until this post was released to realise how silly I am wasting my gold for something(luck, gears, and trophies) that isn’t going to get you anything back anyway. Luck stats is just pretty much worthless.

Most of the goods named items are bound → cant sell for gold.
Low drop rate trophies mats drop → the rate difference is non-existence → it takes years to earn back what you paid for, plus you will eventually have to play the game almost every day for the chest runs → big time sink.

It doesn’t improve gold/azoth drops.


it was fine to invest in voidbent gear before the armor sync as that was the only way to keep the 600 gear score
if you werent 600 expertise
i still run it on chest runs for the luck honestly.

now not so much unless you burn cash into armoring for your self as a fresh 60.

but then again ask the real question.

whats the point of gold anyway if you arent going to buy or roll gear anyway.

“So build your PVP gear”

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