I am trying to play the game, but mutations have made it impossible

I am for some reason still playing this game. But after this mutation patch, I have a very hard time enjoying this game.

OPR no longer has any players. Chest runs is also gone and its not even worth doing them unless you really want throphy mats. So the only content thats left is mutations as they are the only real source for umbral shards aswell as gear, which I used my 3 keys on the very first day and next week I hear were only getting 2 keys?

Umbral shards needs to be awared from more content, especially PvP. As a mmo game you must be aware that your playbase is a good split of PvP and PvE players, and as it is now, everyone is forced to do PvE. I dont even mind doing PvE, but the timegate is literally making it impossible. There isnt nearly enough keys to go around, not to mention the prices are getting insane, m10 on my server is 500k lmao

If you are going to copy WoWs m+ system, atleast do it properly. Have a key that either gets upgraded or downgraded depending on your score, but you never lose your key. Why on earth is there cooldowns on these. 1 week cooldown is one the stupidest design choices I’ve seen. Even reducing it to 1 day is still a pointless timegate that actually stop players from playing the game, it needs to be removed.


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