I ask for help in estimating the cost of weapons

There is no similar one at the auction, so now I am confused.

I think spears are tough because there are so many good named ones out there. Compare this with great axe which generally does not have any amazing named ones out there. That definitely impacts the price of an item.

This has ice atunement on it which cannot be obtained outside of rare mutation drops (BOP), on non-crafted items. If this was before the recent nerfs to ice damage then ice atunement would be BIS for some builds. I think nature atunement is now the best option at this time at least. With some exceptions.

Rogue and refreshing move are really nice perks in general although spear generally has lower cooldowns so less dependent on refreshing move compared etc other weapons. Another reason why something like enchanted weighs differently on a weapon that uses a lot of regular attacks compared with one that is much more ability focused like spear, not that it’s bad but it’s something to think about.

Overall it’s a very nice piece, no idea what it would really sell for but probably up there for spears. No idea if that’s 50k? 100k? Much higher? There are just so many good spears out there is the issue.

they nerfed the ice?

Ultimate Chill, to my understanding and someone can correct be here, was the reason ice atunement was valued higher since you could get even more damage out of it. They changed how it works now so it’s just another element that is actually commonly resisted against and as a result more people are likely to run gems against it. Not that pure elemental protections are super common but there is an ice gauntlet out there.

Nature is less commonly resisted. Additionally since spear is thrust it synergizes against corrupted nicely if you are to use it in PVE situations.

Again, these are very small nuances but when it comes to BIS I imagine it matters a ton. You pay a ton extra for that perfect item even if it’s not very different than a named item you can get. For real use, meh not too much. For instance void is nice when used with the surgeon’s ring because you get the extra damage and crit chance (can’t roll those normally together). Then again, not all builds use that ring. Golden scarabs might bypass this restriction now? Etc. Etc.

Refreshing move for spear is useless. You dont need it.

It’s nerfed ice dmg in terms of group combat. Ice storm used to provide a dmg buff to all ice dmg dealt In it’s radius by friendlies.

Now it just buff up user’s IG dmg.

Nature is deemed preferable as no one slots amber gems.

Most people run opals tho so it isn’t really a big deal. Any attunement is an amazing perk to have.

People don’t tend to slot individual element resists as this is only 6 percent, 3 opals gives more. The perception is that people do have protection against more common elements such as ice, fire or void. But this isn’t really the case.

In terms of your topic it is worth whatever people are willing to pay for it on your server. You should be keeping tabs on the TP and see what things are listed and what is selling. Ever server is slightly different.

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Yeah think this summarizes it really well. Honestly could see this selling for a nice amount if you find the right person.

Price off what an x-attunment/refreshing move at a 590+ goes for then add 25%… rogue is cool and fits a PvP mode, but it is not a big damage driver( backstabs are rare for med builds)…

If you find an x-attunement/refreshing/(spear skill tree perk) in the 590+ range you need to price for less than that.

It is a cool drop/craft but the issue is it does not have a buff/debuff on it, and a lot of the spear builds use those for the 30% perk in the skill tree.

The best way I gauge the value of a item is to search for that item and the exact stats on your Trading Post, using the filter button.

Compare the other prices and choose a value in that range.

If there are no other matching items, or near-matches, then charge whatever you want -within reason.

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