I came back for 3 hours, last login was 1.2…

The Good:

  1. I forgot how great the graphics and sound were
  2. New samurai skins pretty cool
  3. Some of the Grindy sh** felt new again.

The Bad:

  1. Global chat still doesn’t work after OPR
  2. Gypsum casts are not easy to get
  3. The only route to BiS is dungeons so PVP now requires a singular focus PVE grind (I thought they wanted diversity? Isn’t that why they forced gypsum and HWM on us in the first place?) hypocritical if you ask me.
  4. PVP is dead
  5. My server is dead
  6. OPR is dead
  7. Making money still sucks
  8. I crafted 6 muskets costing me 20k in mats, I proc’d a legendary with 2 bad perks. That was discouraging
  9. Musket still feels really clunky
  10. Everyone still playing just spams dungeons
  11. I feel way behind on WM and don’t have the time to run Gen / Laz on repeat to catch up, I don’t want to build new armor (another damn set) just to do mutations, to upgrade my weapons and armor all of which are 590+ but not 600.
  12. I got bored thinking about other ways to get gypsum to catch up.
  13. I now rubberband

When I started new world, Wars and Raids were fun, you could achieve BiS in many ways, combat wasn’t balanced, but it was responsive and capping crafting wasn’t impossible … at least in the cost vs time investment.

1.2 killed New World and they doubled down with Murators narrowing the game to 1 path to play dungeons… and since PVP is dead, getting gear a way I don’t like is pointless anyway.

I left feedback months ago telling AGS, we don’t want new content, we want the core of the game stable first. They’ve sacrificed the core efficacy for new content in 1.2 and 1.3 and buried returning players in content to “catch up” when the core mechanics are still so broken, people don’t want to return (myself included).

This isn’t more content for someday if players return. All of this stuff they added is dirt burying the people alive who may want to come back, but are waiting for them to fix the mechanics.

We need new variety if they want to add content, something different to do. The old content is boring, particularly with no carrot dangling, but even then, it’s too hard and too boring to make gold to fail to get decent gear. Not enough reward for all the work.

Here’s hoping 1.4 does more for returning pre- 1.2 mechanics with better balance and then 1.5 is something new so I can get better PvP BiS gear without doing stupid dungeons.


I held out hope for a long time, but I think it’s dead.

My playstyle was largely economic. In the release version of NW I was able to carve out economic niches and perform arbitrage by carrying resources from regions where they were abundant and selling them in regions where crafting tables were accessible.

I’ve never been close to gold cap, but I could reliably buy and sell items to generate an income and keep my gear “pvp viable”

I used this gear to participate in OW PVP, many wars, and countless OPRs. However, at some point they decided to merge trading posts because I guess making money was hard for people and it was pre-merge so dead servers had no econ activity on most of the map. This should have been my first big red flag that times were coming to an end.

I persisted. Using my early econ money to max out my jewelrycrafting and continued to generate an income with the new merged trading post. This kept me geared up in half-decent pieces and provided enough income to experiment with secondary builds.

Then they told us what was coming in this next (current) patch. I knew it was going to mean that the methods I had used to play the game (econ and pvp) were no longer going to be viable. In order to progress your character you must now engage with the PVE portion of the game directly. And that’s fine, but I’m just not into it. I’d rather stare at the trading post and look for deals or play against other players.

I used to keep my gold at around 50k, if I got much more than that I’d find myself buying (often silly) equipment just to test out perks first hand or build another variant of my character to try out in OPR. Through this constant experimentation I was able to create a viable PVP presence without having anywhere close to BiS equipment.

In the last 2 days I’ve seen my wallet swell to over 100k. There’s no reason for me to buy new gear unless it’s truly BIS because the extremely slow rate of umbrals from non-PVE play will mean that spending any umbral would be a total waste on anything less than BIS. I’ll be lucky to have 1 piece of gear at 605 in the next two months.

I’m sure I’ll reach gold cap soon. Then I’ll just be hoarding resources. There’s no more reason for me to spend money on gear, and gear is flowing out of those dungeons at a radical pace.


I held my hope for 1200 hrs long and finally gave up …No regrets tough got my money’s worth …

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Did any of us really though? We paid and invested in a game that is designed to deliver years of quality entertainment and it took them 4 months to kill it.

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Yea np just wait till they give you bis items just by standing in town. Players gonna cry even when the game takes good steps. As for gypsum, i dont know if you just randomly type before actually reading or playing but there is no longer timegate on gypsum orbs that mens you can just spam OPR till you get your Expertise up if you dont want to pve at all. Sure for pvp arenas are still neaded but at least they announced it for march+

Have you sat in the queue for OPR? I got one match in, in 3 hours.



New content droped, even pvp players going there to challenge themselfs thats why you waiting that much. Im myself a pvp player too but mutations are insanly fun

Well, don’t post a non-solution as a solution.

We call Dragosh’s response the “my head is in the sand about the state of this game and direction the devs are taking with it”

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A only posted solutions to your unreal problems. The only one its indeed long queues for opr, probably just a merge can fix that

You sir, are … interesting. I appreciate your optimism. I’m sure Amazon does too :rofl::joy:


You call adding a bunch of modifiers on existing dungeons a “new content”?

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You elitist PvE players don’t even realize you are grinding away at a literal dead game.

I’m only here to chop and sell wood - it’s the only game that lets me do that, and a great looking one at that (while it’s still alive)

you can call hit however you want if it something new to do then yea its “new content” they are challenging, fun and rewarding so im ejoying it

good for you


wait, wait, wait, wait - We got a samurai skin?! Is it a skin or a set?

IS IT GOOD? GOT SCREENS? I am very excite.

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