I cannot interact with anything in Lazarus

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    My character becomes invulnerable in certain areas and I cannot heal my party. I cannot take damage nor can I do damage. This happened during boss fights and I was unable to get a single waypoint.

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    My whole party died because I couldn’t do anything

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I ran the dungeon again and the same problem happened

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    5:25 pm nov 24 central time
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Just for reference, the “fix” for this is logging out for 5+ minutes to allow your character to despawn. Should “fix” it.

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Unfortunate. TY for the info though

Agreed! Hopefully they’ll get it fixed for real soon.

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My mut squad was pretty choked. Its hard enough to get a group together let alone have that happen twice.

Same thing happened to me, however it was on the CILLA fight. I seemed to correct itself after. I bugged this as well.

Hi there! The development team is working on this issue.