I can't get rid of the furniture

I took some of my furniture from storage to my inventory. Now I can’t put them back to my storage, neither sell them, drop or salvage. It says “cannot drop mission items”. Teleports cost me a lot because of that weight in my inventory. From that point I can’t even craft new furniture.
Please advise.


Same here and same for my wife - ours are from drops though, and they’re starting to add up.

Currently, the only way to move furniture from your inventory to storage is by placing it in your house and picking it up.

If you don’t have a house, then I think you are stuck with them.

I am eagerly waiting for this to be fixed :sweat:

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Hi @s1c.

Thanks for your report and trying to help the community by letting the team know! I really appreciate that!

I will report this issue to the team right now! Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

I would also recommend, if you haven’t, that you visit this Bugs Megathread and post your case in there with the information required.

Take care! Bye bye! :slight_smile: