I cant move... lol help

You closed the auction, but did not think where to put the players’ things. I can’t put anything up for auction, and all 100 lots that I put up are now returned to me. I have a storage of 3 thousand and inventory 1300, which is why I can’t even move!. What should I do?? How long to wait for the update? I can’t actually play a game that I paid 1300 rubles for, because i cant move


pretty funny considering stuff goes to your storage vault


I feel like I’m going to spend the next couple of days near the auction without moving

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lol sorry to hear about your troubles… but you did make me laugh so thank you for that.

Hello, @EvilWrynn! Welcome to our Forum community. Sorry to hear character’s unable to move. I’ll be reporting this to proper team for investigation. can you please share with me the following info:

Character name:

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Thank you for such a quick response. I hope everything will be resolved as quickly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :relaxed:

Character name: EvilWrynn
Region: EU (Central)
World: Nilfheim

Hey @EvilWrynn! Thanks for sharing and for screenshot too. Next step will be, I’m going to share it to my team and I’m going to update you as soon as they complete investigation. Also, I wanted to remind you that trading post’s temporarily disabled which means you’ll be able to trade anytime soon.

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Hey @EvilWrynn ! I got great news! We’re Enabling Wealth Transfers Worldwide 8:00 PM PT.

Anything happens, let me know!

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He cancelled the auction? The automatic returns go to bank not to inventory afaik.

Expired sell orders go to your storage. Cancelled sell orders get placed in your inventory.

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good to know thanks!

Where do they go if your storage is full?

Does it pull it off of the items on the Trading Post and hold until you have available space or does it just junk the item?

I’m hoping the first option, but I’d just like to be aware :slight_smile:

It still goes to your inventory. Even if your inventory gets overloaded.
Edit: i meant storage, not inventory.

Still goes to your storage making it over 100%


hey im currently playing on hananpacha on US EAST. im currently sitting at 3k encumbrance because i wanted to transfer servers so i cancled all of my orders. i then preceded to use the unstuck animation because even after dropping about 1700 weight i still couldnt move in the slightest. now im like 10 feet from the trading post and cant move at all. would love some help getting out of this situation lol. ingame name is trueeee.

also apprently i have to much weight to even drop, run to the post and list something, and come back. i assume i have to wait for the items on the ground to disappear because of how much weight i was carrying

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