I can't play on the same server with my friends

I just started playing new world and I can’t create an account to play with my friends. It says the character creation is locked. So I went to the live support and they were not helpful at all. I just made a character on another server and they can’t even transfer it. Please help, I just want to play this game with my friends!

Hello @majorsmokeyxd ! I really hope you are well today in general.
Thank you for reaching out with your concerns.

I understand how frustrating can be this situation. As far as we know there are some servers that are full therefore you are not able to create a new character. Likewise there are servers that Character transfer is unavailable

I’d suggest you to check the page of Server Status:


Wait 1-2 months as more will leave, you’ll probably get in

This is the worst new player experience I have ever had in a game. Nothing comes close to how badly I have been treated by your customer support. I get 0 answers, nothing makes sense, I can’t play an MMO with my friends. How can you sit there and actually think this is a good video game design? Punish the players that just purchased your game?

This is such a awful business practice I have to take this to the BBB. The fact that you advertise a MMO game that revolves around character progression and playing with friends, and wont let me create a character that can play with my friends. No matter how much money I offer, no matter how many times I ask you all deny the request. I even asked for a refund from the live chat and I was denied. I am done trying,

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