I can't play with my friends

I played almost all alpha and betas. I created content as a content creator. I have a company which I gather 40+ players that own Everfall both beta and release.

But I still couldn’t create a character. I’m refreshing server status for 7/24. Even 900 players queued servers are open to create a character but 0 queued our server is closed for new character all the time.

I was waiting this game for almost 2 years now but at release day I’ve become a dad. I had to take care of my family and couldn’t login. This is my first topic about this and I just tried refreshing until now. What should I do?

I initiated maybe more than 200+ players with my streams over a year and assemble 50ish of my friends from different game but now I can’t even create a character. So heartbreaking.


They locked character creation on certain servers. By the time they decided to restrict access to certain servers, these servers were over-crowded.

I feel sorry for you, but your best option right now is either bring your friends to a new server or to create your character on a fresh server and wait for transfer.

Do note that transfer isn’t clear yet and may be disabled if the target server is over-crowded. We have no informations on this AFAIK.


Nope no info on cap increase or transfer so it is a bit of an untolerable situation for a lot of people.
I myself insist on not playing untill i can join my community but with every day it does get more and more frustrating. This is something that should be heavily prioritised, but thats just my oppinion in the big sea.


Thank you for you time and answer. Unfortunetly I don’t want them to change server. That would be rude. I may bring most of them together but they are 50+ people now and trying to get another city on server. Half of them end level. I don’t want to play alone on different server either without any certain transfer info. This is so irresponsible. They underestime MMORPG player’s loyalty to their characters. So heartbreaking.

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I get it, im not going to not play with my friends either! Im not disagreeing sir :smiley:

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Every minute while waiting, refreshing without playing and listening my friends and company on discord, the frustration level inscreases like snowball effect. I initiated maybe more than 200+ players with my streams and 50ish of my friends but now I can’t even create a character. So sad.

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There is a simple solution, you just choose to not take it. Choices have consequences.

Yes you can, get your friends to play with you in another server.

After playing , you will have even more complains anyway.

Honestly I don’t feel that blocking new characters really did much for the queues. But I have to hand to to Amazon Games because what they did about the AFKers certainly did fix almost all of the issue. My server (Xibalba - East) started out with a 4000 queue which pretty much halved every day until we no longer have a queue tonight. Sure there are still fringe cases where servers are busy but that’s probably due to popular streamers and their viewers rolling on the server.

The issue that I have is that I’ve finally convinced a friend to play the game, he bought it and now can’t roll on the same server as the rest of our group (7 people). The Full restriction needs to be lifted for servers with reasonable-to-no queues.

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this, and it cant happen fast enough! I watch my friends play the game and have fun, and i did play on a different server cuz i so desperatly wanted a taste… big fcking mistake.

but i’m already past 2 hour mark for refund stuff, just waiting, that is what it is. And i know it WILL be fixed eventually.
I just think amazon gameing underestimate just how many players is caught in this horrible predicament.

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Abwarten und hoffen das die Charaktertransferoption im Shop bald funktioniert. Und dann noch hoffen das man auf den Server wechseln darf wo deine Freunde spielen.

So live chat confirmed that we will be able to transfer into a high pop server when they release the free one time transfer. They will also mention all of this in the forum, when their ready to make a detailed post listening all the details for the transfer.

I did mention that it would be a good idea to mention this though sooner rather than later.

They really do need to unlock the servers. I too, have friends who would join me/us if they could. we have a small company on Orofena of RL friends and more would join if they were able. Also alts… Why can we not have alts? Yes I know that I can change my class, but as an Rper, certain characters have certain classes.

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I’ve just about had it with this game and not being allowed to play on the server my friends do. Who cares if there is a queue? It’s better than joining a small pop server that will likely be nearly dead after the dust settles.

The server clusters have been made to erase this problem.
They will simply put two server together which have low playercount.

So there should be no problem to spam server so we can actually all play as we desire and payed …

Hopefully they will come up with server transfer soon. All my friends are scattered around on different servers unfortunately…

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And hopefully new Server we can actually split up too …

Same situation, several friends can’t join current server and we can’t transfer off.

It stole alot of steam from the group and I am concerned they will lose total interest or go in jaded and have that sway their opinion on sticking with it for the long haul.

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Its a shitty situation for both parties, and its really sad. This game doesn’t seem to have a tremendous budget or at least a reliable engine that could add say, 10k people per server. I heard people mention that they tried 3k during beta, and servers would crash dozens of times daily. That could mean that the game simply can’t handle more people than that for some reason, and it could boil down to limited budget, inexperienced devs, or even a bad engine, we will never know. What i’m trying to say is, this game seems to be AA levels of quality (no swimming animations, lots of broken mechancs and bugs, no cinematics at all, small servers, somewhat limited content, things that would be unacceptable for any AAA game) but it got 800k+ people on steam…and they can’t handle it.

Yes they are owned by amazon, but they are hidred by them, not like these people have 1B to spare or something. Could Amazon have hired a proper top tier company to make the game, and take it to the AAA level of quality? Maybe. But i can’t blame devs for that.

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