I can't sell anything on the trading post

I’ve restarted my game, everything I could think of, but when I go to put anything on the trading post to sell it won’t post. Just gives me the spinning circle when I click it.


I’m also experiencing the same intermittently.

14:25 game time was the last instance
Trading post in Everfall at Teir4 (has also happened on other posts)

I am also getting this off and on. Strangely some items basically refuse to sell and others sell fine. Relogging did not fix.

EDIT: Turns out there’s a limit on how many active buy and sell orders you can have. It just spins the wheel instead of telling you. I think this may be why. You can see under My Orders. Mine says 100 total allowed. Dunno if this can change at some point.

thank you!! Had no idea since it does not notify you.

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