I cant tell friendly heals from enemy heals

How am I supposed to know which circle to step into to stay alive if my enemies spell looks exactly the same?


Buy major loot thropy and Try every circle coz with ags need luck everywhere :joy:


It’s very simple one will heal you, the other won’t.


Yes. But if I see the circle in OPR I have to run to it. And its a waste of movement if I move to a circle that doesnt heal me. Why not just make heals red and blue like everything else in opr?

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Are you directly hindered by the healing spells. Do you thing that the area of effect healing spells might attract players from both sides. These are the questions a developer might ask themselves. It’s good to ask yourself am I thinking like a game developer. It you want to thinktank a game design then make a psuedo d&d game. One with its own parameters and then think of what mechanics would make up that game.
Much of the best times was realizing the opportunity and acting on it. The next time you see a healing orb or beacon. Thing how can I capitalize on this.

I am not thinking like a game developer, not thinking of how to monetize the game. I am playing OPR and wondering why people dont play healers anymore and thinking wow OPR is so random and wow how little communication people use wow im using alot of health pots. I wish I knew if I had a healer nearby at all.

I mean did amazon ever just try out changing the colors and seeing how it felt?

Hopefully this change is soon, it’s annoying to run through 5 sacreds only to find out none of them are friendly ones :confused:

A potions life for me

As a career game developer who can’t help thinking like one at all times, I still don’t see any reason not to differentiate between friend and foe abilities. One of the primary goals of visual design in a game is to convey information, so the zero-information approach that New World uses for ability effects is both unusual and nonsensical.

The most basic gameplay decisions you make as a player are reactions to what you see and hear, but you can’t make informed decisions about much of anything in PvP here. If you see an Ice Storm or Ice Shower, maybe it’ll speed you up, or maybe it’ll slow you down. If you see a field of Sacred Grounds scattered around, you have no way of knowing which ones are for you. All you can do is guess and hope to win a coin flip.

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I think AGS has pretty much gave up with this game. Instead of fixing things that have been asked for since the beginning of the game, they’re too busy adding more time gates.

Yeah I know I was being a smart arse.

Shortly after the game launched this issue was voiced by the players and the devs stated it was a coding implimentation issue that would be more of a long-term project and not a simple fix. We havent heard communication updates from the devs on this since so who knows if it is bring worked on.

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The only way to tell currently is when you step in a sacred ground if it’s yours

  1. You will get healed
  2. There’s a little black rectangle pop up that says “Sacred Ground” that happens around your character

I’ve been healing for 1.5k and yes its a pain in the ass it would be much better if it was a different color i agree

So its so difficult that even after two years of complaints they cant make the color of the heals/aoe abilities red or blue?

Meanwhile Bezos was able ride his personal rocket into space…

they noted they were going to change this with aoe ground spells (friendly and enemy) I think about 4-5 months ago. We haven’t heard anything else about it since.

good let it be

Yea, would be nice to see enemy sacred ground or beacon with red circles from enemies and green from allies.

we did ask for this since alpha. Dont bother asking again

need to put on opr free buffs potions like arena for sure…

I see your point and if it were an AOE attack I would be right there on your side of the argument. I just dont see it as a bad thing when it comes to a health beacon. its by its very nature an ally only support spell that has no affect on the enemy positive or negative affects. yeah maybe throwing down an emblem on the ground where it lays as a subtle indicator but lets say I’m a spearmen or bowmen and someone throws down a healing beacon. my first thought would be. im gonna shoot something into that. by the time my projectile gets over there, someone will have entered that. to me its tactful because I can shoot a fireball or meteor shower in the middle of it and nullify any enemies healing but also assist some protection from any desperate low health allies if its a friendly beacon. to me it wouldn’t make any difference if it showed up red or blue, or rather orange, green or purple. the tact would still be the same.

Being unable to distinguish friend or foe on a helpful ability has just as much negative impact as it does on a harmful one. I suppose maybe you’re less affected by it in the specific case where you’re blind-firing arrows from an extreme distance, but if you’re in a position where you actually need healing, it’s a pretty big deal to know which healing circles will affect you and which ones won’t.

That problem isn’t specific to healing in this game, anyway. Ice Storm, Ice Shower, Oblivion, etc. are all harmful effects that are equally indistinguishable between teams. In a war, there are often 10+ Ice Storms covering the battlefield at any given time, and it’s impossible to know which ones are okay to stand in.

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