I can't wait for AGS staff to come back to work

With an angry horde of Europeans nipping at their heels shit is gonna hit the fan when they get back :popcorn:

I’m excited to see how this all plays out.

If I was an AGS dev i’d have some serious anxiety going back to work on Monday.

Definately got my $40 worth canoeing through the river of salty tears the last few days.

Congratulations :partying_face:

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Congratulations! :partying_face:

Yeah I dunno man. I want to be optimistic but the contrary evidence is everywhere. This game is just being dropped every which way.


I just want to see how they deal with this shit storm after going radio silent for so many days. People are pissssed :popcorn:

Easy dawg, the same way they dealt with everything else they ever screwed up on: lock down a couple threads with some choice dialogue using a BS canned response, and direct everyone else to Apoorv over in Customer Service, sending people the appeals form in response to their filled-out appeals form.


They will thank them for their patience and affirm them that they working their hardest on solving the challenge and that they will give them frequent updates, as soon as something new is known.

Like they are trained to do in situations like this.

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bold for you to assume that they are coming back Monday.


I logged into the forum this morning before I even logged into the game. Some of these people have expressed their anger in the most ingenious ways. A haiku of frustration so to speak. Very entertaining…

The devs should not respond though. Just work on patches, hopefully test them thoroughly before rolling out anything and carry on!

they will quickly reinstate the AH and make 10 more new bugs and half the games functions will be turned off, and for tonights lottery 47, 6, 19, 27, 5. 10
O and the game will be dead within 1 more month, you heard it here first…

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Aye, have a great holiday when 1/4 of your players are totally up the spout.

Such a wonderful support service for the Euros, I mean I used to think that Blizzard and EA had the worst possible customer service on the face of the planet and released the most useless broken piles of crap ever programmed till AGS came along and blazed into first place by a mile and then keep on accelerating so far into the lead that this will go down in history!

Way to go for giving the Amazon brand a sound thrashing.

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Oops my mistake,

“When they decide to come back to work”

There is already a thread directing EU players to the Federal Trade Commission, let it stew a couple more days should be interesting

I bet all 3 developer interns and 1 QA tester gonna be stressed out.


What QA tester? Obviously doesn’t exist…

Hey guys we have a PTS but don’t worry we wont be testing the game on our hard working Yank brothers playing on the PTS, we will use the Euro servers as a test bench instead!

They won’t have to deal with anyone since everyone would have left by then.

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Well…what is EU going to do about it?

You’re half way across the globe, dont think the FTC would even take a complaint serioisly against Amazon…

Can we get an ETA for their return ? :joy:

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They’ll say currently we do not know when the devs will return, once they recover from their food coma we will give you an ETA of the ETA for their return.

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Remember when they launched the game in the eu and the na west server people were pissed they had to wait. Man it’s paying off for them now.

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I’m not angry, I’m just very disappointed. Congratulations! :partying_face:


It’s really cute you think they actually have a QA department.