I definitely think pets would be complimentary to the game in some aspects

People talking about mounts is like the number one talked about topic (besides not being able to swim in the game) on this game, but what about pets that you can be companions with?? I think it would compliment the current gameplay, especially with everyone walking everywhere without changing the gameplay too much. Pets could also increase space for you as they travel along with maybe some combat abilities or perks to having them like resource gathering buffs or perks like digging up resources themselves and adding it to your inventory? Idk how they would implement it with the combat abilities, but with them acting like inventory/buffs though, that would be cool and would be do-able… What you guys think?

We are all pets when we pay taxes

Feature already implemented, topic closed

Honestly i would love to see pets put in. They need to be cute though, something that adds to the walks. i was very shocked that the only rewards you get from achievements are titles, i wish they had done something there. like if you complete the logging one you get a beaver or something lol


Please no. If you want pets play BDO or FF.

I don’t care if its a dog that just follows me places and sits while i fight. I still want that doggo anyways, to cherish and talk to, and make content with.

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