I desperately crave same server Alts in New World

One of the things I really miss about WoW, ESO, SWTOR, or any other MMO I have played is the ability to make alts. I realize the grind in New World is real, from leveling, weapon skills and expertise and there would definitely need to be some form of reduction for alt characters to combat this and specific implementations such as only rolling the same faction, etc. However I still feel that alts allow for more fun from people who prefer to play their own way.

For one. Alts bring a monetary gain to AGS. In ESO I have 17 characters, each with their own unique style (theme), their own specific mounts and of course clothing, colors etc.

I have vampires, characters based on cold attacks, melee characters, ranged characters, wizard themed characters, undead themed, etc. I also do this in wow. In SWTOR I make most of my alts different assassin droids, using their cartel market to purchase different cybernetic outfits and mix and match those to create a themed toon.

In New World I want to make a “fire mage”, an “ice mage”, a ranged sharpshooter, a melee shotgunner, a barbarian who uses axes, etc.

Although I can spend (waste) gold on redoing my attributes, and keep a ton of armor in storage to swap for these playstyles, I can not change my characters name, face or hair color.

Anyway. I don’t know how much development New World is going to see in the future, as it already seems to be run by a skeleton crew, but if there is a true desire for continued and future development, I would love to see alt characters who can take place on the same server.

Thank you.

EDIT: I just looked at the store today and I absolutely love the three new outfits…but its hard to justify spending money for things I can not use.

Alts remedy this. Same server alts entice me to spend money.


Not sure why playing a game for 8 years and amassing thematic alts warrants a psycologist, but sure I’ll bite.

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For you, yes because I’m not sure why someone would reply immaturely to a well-constructed post in the Feedback section of the forum, no less. Plenty of people class themselves as alt-o-holics. Who made you judge and jury?

I agree with OP. I would love an alt on the same server. She could be in the same faction as my “main” and perhaps even access the same storage to make things easier and perhaps assign certain houses to each character.

Please don’t be impolite for no good reason. It’s off-putting to new or returning players when you respond in this way to honest and open suggestions.

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I agree alts would make the game more enjoyable. I play with friends who due to their work schedule only play a couple of hours per week. Since I don’t want to out level them that leaves me playing on their time schedule. If I had an alt on the same server I would spend much more time playing without feeling like I was wasting my time on a secondary server which I may never play on again once we’ve maxed everything on my primary server.


I don’t play alts, but i know a lot of people that have a very large number of alts. And they prefer to keep things separated this way. Even in games that you can be anything on one character.

Some prefer crafting to be kept separated, and have separate inventories ect. Storage alt only for holding junk, or completely different playstyles.

If they were worried about faction jumping they could easily faction lock the player on a single server.

Can’t really think of any good reason to prohibit this, i mean they could even charge for a character slot like other games do and make even more money :woman_shrugging:


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I have had friends want to play, but the time they can play is similar to your friends. Me not being able to roll an alt on the same server as my main discourages them from playing.

I know alts are not for everyone, but they are money making machines for the game studio and they allow for a greater variety of playstyles. The more people playing and the more money the game makes is a win win for all parties.


Great suggestion you have here Medazzal, I will get this feedback sent up the chain so the Dev team can have a look. Have a great week!

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Well I’m sorry but if they put alters in the game for me (and for many) it would mean leaving it permanently. I don’t understand these players who enter a game wanting it to be exactly the same as everyone else, I’ve been hearing that if the new world needs a minimap, mounts, more races, now alters… everything is always the same “is that wow … is that the other game…” for that there are already other games and the new world is not only different but it needs to be different. that interest in wanting to make another clone of the same thing that already exists just because you don’t know how or don’t want to leave your conford area is at least insulting,

This game is not intended to be easy or a childish game for children, it aims to be what is a difficult game where the focus is on exploration, wear and tear on having to walk a lot with the danger that this entails, on strategy and not a game where people dedicate themselves to collecting everything they can, where in 2 clicks the armor is changed and everything instantly … because for that, there are already other games

I would love alts in this game I play mainly healer but Healer in this game have been nerve so much that you can’t do any PvE content efficiently solo. Yes you can change is only 200 gold but changing few times a day can get expensive but most important is annoying.
Having more then one character would help with this. Same situation is with Tanks people don’t play tank class as is as bad as healer for solo content. If we don’t get alts for this game is not going to be long before people will look for hours to find healers and tanks for expedition.


Adding my wish here, along with the other threads that have been around the forums about this. I also would like an alt on same server for same reason. Replay, and playing with lower leveled friends. Personally I do not even care if the characters are completely separated on the server, ie. no shared storage, etc.
My big complaint here about it is that, due to poorly thought out merges AGS performed, there are already a fair amount of people who have this benefit currently. AGS has not ever addressed this beyond stating that if you were lucky enough to get 2 characters on the same server then, congrats, you can use them as normal.
Yet they have left the lock in place so that there is no other way to get more than one character on same server. No information about removing this lock either. And this is definitely not the first thread about this, nor the first time AGS rep has come in and said they are sending to the devs.


Well that just makes no sense. Because a person wants a choice to play different playstyles, with different looks is going to make you and your friends leave the game?
How does me logging into a character that I determine to look like a “fire mage”, and then a few hours later log into a character I build as a “sword and board tank” affect your fun? If anything this opens up opportunities for the same player to have varying playstyles that can help to make up for a lack of roles online.

At what point in my post, or any other persons post in this thread talk about wanting to make New World the same as other games? Just because people desire to have multiple characters to play does not mean or suggest they also desire all the other stuff you listed.

Nowhere did I mention changing difficulty. Alternate character rosters would not affect ONE SINGLE THING you listed. ZERO.

In fact, alt characters would absolutely DESTOROY the suggestion to have “2 clicks to change armor” because that playstyle would be found on a different character. So, in fact the suggestion of allowing for alternate characters on the same server remedies one of your fears. I would thnk you would embrace that.

And lastly, you are missing the entire point, which I already discussed in the OP. Alts MAKE MONEY for AGS. Do you want this game to be left on life support, or continually developed like games you hate, such as WOW, or ESO, or SWTOR, or FFXIV, or Black Desert, or EVE, or Elite Dangerous?!?

Alternate characters INCREASE gameplay and time spent in game for the same developed assets. They literally stretch out content.
Alternate characters INCREASE monetary sales for cosmetics. Right now I want to purchase all three of the new outfits, but my character already has a nice selection to choose from and a wardrobe that fits what his role is. I have no need to spend money…now if I could make an alt. I could make a new character, new name, new look with a new weapon role and purchase cosmetics to theme him the way I see fit.

I would heavily argue that alts are not just desired by the community, but completely necessary to tip the scales towards the continued development of this game and keeping it alive…because I can tell you right now, the 10k players logging in daily is not enough to sustain New World and any development. MMO’s cost a lot of money to develop, run and maintain. If AGS does not see money, New World will live a short life.

Other MMORPG’s in the past have shut down when the player base has been as low as 200k. We are no where NEAR those numbers and this game being kept alive ATM is only due to AGS good graces, because you can bet your bottom dollar its not making them money.

Alternate characters is one of the least expensive development options ATM to lengthen gameplay, and increase the chance for monetization through cosmetics.

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Thank you Zelme for the response and forwarding to the development team. Enjoy your week as well :slight_smile:

You’re over-thinking it. It really isn’t that deep. Having alts wouldn’t decrease difficulty or make the game childish. It merely adds another option for people who want to explore different playstyles and/or aesthetic options while remaining on the same server. At the moment, I play a healer. I also want to play a fire mage, but on the same server. I feel having everything on the same server just enriches my experience because alts become part of my “family” so to speak. I’d feel disconnected playing another character on a different server as it feels like I’m starting over all over again. I’m attached to my house, I’ve invested a lot of time in all of my possessions, gold, etc. An alt would just enrich that and add more gameplay options.

Just think that when people offer suggestions it’s because they enjoy the game. It’s not about turning it into something else. It’s just about further enhancing the experience and utility of what is already there.

Also, alts, like many things tend to be optional.

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should limit asmodeum cd etc per account then, not per character