I did some testing on action queuing in the game and this is how it works

There are 3 tiers of commands that dictate what actions take priority when they are queued.

Tier 1: Light/Heavy attacks and abilities.
Tier 2: Consumables
Tier 3: Dodging/Weapon swapping.

If you’re already in a animation or you’re CC’d and you queue up anything then this is the priority your inputs take.

Tier 1 > Tier 2 > Tier 3

That means if you’re stunned as soon as you press an ability, then you have a Tier 1 action queued up and you can no longer queue a Tier 2 or Tier 3 action until after the Tier 1 action is performed.

What this further means is if you were stunned and queued up an ability, but no longer want to use that ability then you HAVE to left click in order to override the queue for the ability. You will not be able to dodge/weaponswap or use a consumable at all as soon as you come out of the stun.

This means if you decide you need to dodge when the stun ends then you no longer can’t, you will be forced to either use an ability or left click before you can perform anything else.

Tier 3 takes the lowest priority, which is hilarious given how important dodging and weapon swapping are. This is one of the reasons why the game feels like shit to play.

Another interesting interaction is if you only have Tier 3 commands queued up and you spam dodge AND weapon swap, you will always dodge backwards first and THEN weaponswap. Always. For some reason you’re able to queue up both of these commands to happen, but only in this exact order. You cannot queue up a weaponswap and THEN a dodge. So if you press dodge and weaponswap when you’re locked into an animation or CC’d, then you will always dodge first and then weaponswap.

Pretty cool game you guys have here AGS. It’s almost like you have no idea what you’re doing.



This explains a lot.
I play healer and I got jumped by a spear user. When I tried to use Lights Embrace to heal myself, I was staggered/stunned and the ability didn’t go off right away so I went to take an emergency health potion.

But the health potion was ignored and my character tried using Lights Embrace but the cast time took to long and I ended up dying

The queue buffer system is the worst thing about this game

Let our abilities be reactionary not queued

I reported unintentional backward dodges in closed beta. Still happening.

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