I disagree with the dev outlook on housing and current income

One of the devs made a long post and one of the issues addressed was housing.

The quote: Property Taxes

We do hear the feedback that property taxes are high and the rate of payment is high. This is by design, owning three very nice homes in different parts of Aeternum is not intended to be easily achievable. We will continue to monitor feedback and data but we do not see cause for change at this time. Endquote.

Housing should not be a chore, it should be something to look forward to. The dev outlook that it should not be easy, even if it is three houses, is “that devs opinion” in regard to player time, gold intake, current travel costs, current repair costs for armor and weapons (PVE), and storage/buff perks.

While some players will have no problem making gold, either through trading or having the time to grind, or having the time to run X game mode for hours on end, even more of the “regular hours” gamers do not. Many of us know the quick buck runs like daily factions or selling the occasional high tier items, but this cannot be done everyday with regularity for the majority.

I disagree with how the devs have looked at income in relation to outgoing spending. The chart the devs showed is based during a time of severe gold duping and item duping and is in my opinion not accurate. Not all duped gold, nor were all duped items removed that were created. I also feel that devs are “currently” basing income on these inaccurate charts and did not take into account the gold and item duping at the time the chart was made and devs were influenced by this faulty data. That chart was put together during the item and gold duping timeframe.

Housing is being based on this chart with the devs thinking that current income is fine and only the endgame is at risk of being on the lean side of income. That risk is no risk as it is already happening. As many have already pointed out, 1000-1500 gold to repair is unacceptable, and paying weekly rent is also unacceptable.

After the devs clear out ALL the extra gold and duped items, the devs need to relook at the income and outgoing gold again and then make another asinine statement that playing a game made for fun and relaxation, with devs looking to sell items in an in game store, should be difficult.

The only difficult thing in this game should be organizing raids, not trying to figure out how a person is going to grind for the next weeks rent or grind enough gold in a lower area to repair their gear.

Disclaimer, I make enough gold to repair and buy items when I need too. I do not make enough to pay some game mode because some dev thinks it should be difficult based on what? Because that dev thinks housing should be expensive just because? Are the storage and trophy perks worth that trouble? How much data did the devs look at that was skewed by the duping regarding housing?

That is one messed up web to see just how these devs came to the conclusion that “Housing should be difficult to have”

This was my opinion only, yours may vary.

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