I dislike big servers, does anyone else feel the same way?

All the resources you want. Ever company gets a territory. Way less zergs… Sounds amazing

I play this game for OPR. In my prev server it was max like 100-200 and we were begging people to queue up to opr and PVP, etc.

Since I’m on the biggest server on west coast, i never have to do that. Sure, farming is longer but like pricing are not bad. You also make gold fairly easy since you’ll almost always have someone needing something.

I’d love to be on a small 200-300 peak server and have an opt-in cross realm for opr, but with a reduced gold influx for the realm opt in to reduce inflation

The resource nodes should all be random location spawns. It would spread the wealth much better. The bots would have a much harder time as well.

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I like big servers for the availability of rarer resources and general level of activity.

That said I find medium to lower pop servers the ideal balance state of the game.

The games resource distribution simply can’t function on some of these servers. They are omega camped either by players, more often by bots. The server stability usually takes a dive with larger server pops and majority of the content in the game is focused on smaller to medium sized groups running the content and clashing with each other.

Being on a really large server I find most of my playtime sitting in town queing for OPR or joing a big zerg train to loot chests because doing anything solo or small group is next to impossible mostly because every part of the map is overcrowded or camped by bots or in the rare cases of actual players too many of them in zone to accommodate the given player activity.

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But was it viable? Were Settlements able to maintain high-level upgrades? Or was everyone just using the one town that could support it and every other town was useless except for storage?

Servers of any size are really only viable if there is zero player influence over Settlements. Then you don’t need tax money to maintain upgrades, tax money that a very low pop server can’t really muster even if they all agreed to use the one or two towns that keep getting razed by Invasions.

If Settlements were set with rotating faction ownership and rotating town upgrades, all server sizes and all factions would be viable.

play skrim if you like low pop…

coming from low pop… naw i like being able to do almost anything i want at my own schedule as there is always somthing running. be it opr, portal runs, expeditions, elites whatever.

yeah it does suck though when it comes to trying to collect resources in some areas. people be touchin my hemp.

The size of the world right now doesn’t support a large population. Tied with the fact that traveling is slow and costly and a large server will have characters clumped up in areas so no I don’t like large servers.

This is the piece I hadn’t included. Thanks.

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What would be awesome, are emergent resource locations that you could use to tie in enemies with as well. For instance: in certain zones meteors come down with random or preset ores, EX: Monarch gets iron meteors that fall to the ground, shattered mountain gets starmetal or ori and corrupted show up. In Brightwood, there may be Angry Earth “blooms” where random groves of herbs and plants grow spontaneously in areas. On some shores a tidal wave could come in and wash up some hotspots for fishing. The lost could summon in some ghost forests that have wyrdwood or ironwood.

I used to be on Elphame, and that server was amazing for materials but bad for activity. Now, being on Ys is great for activity and just ‘ok’ for materials gathering. I can imagine it being much more difficult to gather when there are 1400+ people.

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Other MMOs have instanced nodes which have individual per/player respawn timers. They could event tweak the availability of the more common resources to compensate if necessary, but I feel this would greatly help with less accessible resources such as Orichalcum.

Nope. Bigger servers are always better.

Before we merged my server (sak) was peaking around 300-400 and I actually didn’t mind it. Now that we’re all merged into Lilliput I’ve found myself logging in less and less. It’s way more annoying to do stuff.

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Coming from a 600 peak server and being now on a 1500 peak, I have to say I’m yet to find anything positive from the merger, especially since they merged us onto a 250 peak server with extrem underdeveloped infrastructure across the map :unamused:.

All we got from the fuller server were laggy cities, 24/7 camper on most nodes and less to do because now you have to have a deep purse or be a hardcore player to do most stuff. So at the moment I would prefer the smaller server over the bigger one.

I’m a fan of emergent-type content, I think it makes the world feel more ‘alive.’ I truly think one of the coolest things you guys added were the gleamite meteors. I cannot give that whole addition enough credit. I love the idea, it makes me beeline straight to them every time, and the sound people did an absolutely phenomenal job. Those meteors will distract and divert my attention every time.

One of the reasons why I love traversing New World so much is because there’s so much ‘stuff’ to grab when I’m going from point A to point B, its all very distracting, in a good way.

Don’t play an mmo(massively multiplayer online)

There are other games for farming.

I like this but expand it slightly using Albion’s method for this. Create resource yielding world bosses.

The turkey event was in a way a good testing ground for this.
Large menacing enemy you need to take down then gather for resources.

if all you enjoy in the game is farming trade skills . or
you have your small group of friends and just play with them .

then you dont care how much pop a server has and you will feel better the less people there are .

whats your point ? you dont have horse in this race?

its like going to a club with your friends , you can have good time even if the club is almost empty .
but if you are going alone or with one buddy , and the club is empty you gonna have shit time .

Myself, I love big servers. Makes the world feel very alive. However, I have friends who don’t like big worlds at all and prefer the atmosphere of small communities.