I don't know how to play new world

Im lv 60 since 1-2 weeks. And I don’t know what to do. The quests from maps, where the laza, garden and storm wind expeditions are, are too hard for me solo. And only things i know what i can do, are expeditions and Trains. But what is better, if you can choose between both? (i never tried a train). For example why do Trains, if you get at expeditions the same rewards or even better one? What are trains for?

Alt + F4 same time.


What a douchebag. This guy is asking for help. If you have no advice for him then don’t comment.


trains are a good way to get Trophy mat and Gearscore bumps all in one, thats why people run it.

Expeditions tho are the fastest and more efficent way to gearscore bump youself to 600

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Go for daily gypsums.

youtube is your friend buddy. Lots to do

  • Chest runs or World tours are really fun when you have a friendly group. If you can get into an active company that does daily runs it will be an enjoyable run. Plus you can get trophy material, schematics, crafting components, reagents, and many more. They are definitely worth the time if you are a fresh 60.

  • Next dungeons are really good for Gear scores as well as some really good gear.

  • You don’t have to solo the quest, ask for help. That’s the point of an MMO, there are people to help, unlike a single-player story mode game. Also, it’s not a must to complete the main story, you can wait until you feel comfortable.

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Chest runs are also good for crafting materials, items to salvage with the new system, possible good drops to sell now that you get better drops, umbral shards drops from chests too now. Its basically a daily activity you can do, being a new 60 im not sure why you wouldn’t be doing them unless your time to play doesnt allow it. On the server I play it takes about 2 hours to do all the elite chest run area’s plus a corruption portal run at the end.

Oh someone beat me to it lol

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Grind gypsum to get better gearscore.

You will find out what gives gypsum by visiting the gypsum machine in the high lvl zones. (cant remember what its called)
Thats what i did. Just looked on the machine and figured out what i needed to do to get gypsum to improve gearscore.

(edit and in more detail)

So i do both arena 3 vs 3, and outpost rush atleast once a day to get reward.
I do genesis/lazarus once a day…
I make the potion on Arcane station and kill lvl 55+ mobs once a day.
Im sure i have forgot something, but look at the machine :sunglasses:

Just do all the activities that gives gypsum and crafting and you will be ok.
And do Genesis/Lazarus until you can do them in your sleep. :+1:

Join the world chest runs you can see in the world chat.
Just ask where they start and join the zerg.

Join a good active company.


I would like to thank everyone, who made kind and helpful answers. I will try to follow your advices. Sad that even the forum moderators support trolling and unfriendly/toxic behaviors like “alt +4”. I tried to report this post but got a notification, that they’ve already reviewed this post and it’s not against the rules. I have had many bad experiences with bullying and discrimination in real life and on internet. and can only say that you good people, who are kind and helpful make the world a better place. please stay how you are.

Op is a troll, and you keep falling for it hook, line and sinker.

Ask for the 6 daily gypsum of the summer event, you can also redeem those and buy 2 more orbs doing faction missions.