I dont understand the logic behind pure PVE

i dont understand the logic behind pure PVE realy. please explain it to me.
Every MMO i played i always wanted to learn this.

You finished all expeditions (several times) (you memorized all expeditions)

You have max gear, (at the first stage, why you wanted to get max gear?)
if expeditions are your hardest challenge in the game, you want endgame gear to do them much easier? No sence for me

You have max crafting skills and you have max amount of coin (will you keep trading? if so for what purpose? unless you are not gold seller )

Seriously what then? Will u start roleplaying around the NW?
or will u stop playing? and wait for next big update? if so i respect that and
can we get more respect to the players who doesnt want to wait for the next big update or who doesnt like roleplaying ? who does like PVP.
For PVP players, there is always a challange in the games whitch we realy enjoy

Basicly MMO companies should understand this, (for me) PVE players live in limited world and they are the ones who will leave the ship first, as long as u make a good and fair game.


PvP is just a zergfest with repetitive no skill play. So called PvP’ers complain about incentives because they really do not like to just PvP. So PvP becomes PvE with progression and skills to max. Flavor of the month PvP builds etc then get complained about non stop and then you get more complaints about there being nothing to do, yet they started out saying PvP was the end all be all and they did not need content.


lol more mmorpg “pvpers” itt
no one cares that you can beat noobies with the unbalanced play you find in mmos
i will never understand that when looking for a competitive itch to scratch people turn to mmorpgs


What game is pure PVE? Almost every mmo I play I have the option to do both. Or is your question why in New World do some players only PVE? And if it is why does that matter to you


because they do not want PvP, they want to harass others who have no chance to fight back. There are games which specially cater to PvP play where it is all about skill. wonder why these “pvp” players don’t play those?


Well, thinking about your questions, may i ask you something about PVP then. Why did you guys keep fighting then? like, there’s no reward like tokens or a rank of people you killed, there is no reason for doing that, the drop of the enemy is trash and you dont collect nothing from it, its just a kill kill situation.

You see, for the both’s sides, there is a limit where you do stuff, and you enjoy doing stuff, for me, i really like the merchant system, and i like to have a good amount of gold, just because of that, i have full voidbent and more 87k in my bank account, but i dont use it because theres no need, you see?, it’s a passion i have, but it doesen’t mean you need to understand that.

You dont understand because you dont have a passion or a enjoyable living of that situation, i like having money, for no reason, as the same way you like doing pvp, without a reward ou acchivement, YOU DONT HAVE TO UNDERSTAND.

It is simple, someone likes it, and you dont have to understand why, because in the botton, it doesent even matter for then what you are thinking about.

Ending this comment, i must point, i dont understand why posting this.

(Just a reminder, im from Brazil, sorry for some mistakes or bad english, cya)


Funny thing, in the server I’m at, you can see those who prefer PvP roleplay at EF much more than the ones I’m aware are pure PvE lol

In my opinion, PvE players actually help the world moving as much as PvP players. God protects me from needing to level up furnishing, instead I can go EF and talk to someone who leveled it all the way up to 200 and haggle some furnishing items.

Same with the armor, jewel crafters, someone for food boosts, arcana dudes for honing stones or potion/consumables

This people even if maxed they keep stocking up resources to sell their services, they don’t really go away once maxed but seem to find themselves entertained in hunting X item for collecting purposes or actual usage or even build testing. They seem to be more flexible tbh.

I don’t lean on pure PvE nor PvP, but right now it seems like they got the most stuff to do and some are even good at duels or have interesting ideas for dealing dmg.

In short, there is really no logic besides understanding people have different tastes on what it entertains them.

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And yet PvE pay the bills which is why most MMOs have heavy emphasis on PvE rather than PvP.


That’s an odd look at it, what if we enjoy both but prefer PVE.

PVE is more about working as a team to take down challenges together. It can be some of the most rewarding experiences in an online game. While i tend to find pvp to be very toxic and less team work focused.

Pushing keys and raid tiers with your guild are the main reasons why i loved wow. As much as i loved pvp in ESO even with the mega server in America, i found the best content was their stories and dungeons. Destiny has some of the most fun albeit veeerry toxic pvp but it doesn’t hold a candle to it’s amazing raids.

Also don’t forget they tried the pvp only route with New World and it was beyond disliked that it caused another reformation (survival to pvp mmo to pve main / pvp side mmo) of the game to focus towards pve with a pvp side to it.

Plus with the data mined dungeon tiers comming man it’s gonna be nuts pushing them. :slight_smile:


I play mostly pve because I abhor killing other players. It brings me zero pleasure whatsoever.


then i’m not talking about you lol

i said PvE only players

But i still prefer pve over pvp in MMOs so shouldn’t it refer to me as well?. I hope you check my full post above as well, i am hoping to turn you to my side lol.

Incorrect i only pve now days due to lack of time. I dont have time to commit to the pvp gear meta grind anymore. But when i was on vacation i was easily murdering the idiot zergers in pvp. I mean you have some good pvpers i met some insane people. But majority are mediocre at best.

Pve is something i can do with low tier gear and still be social while doing. Maxing crafting allows me to help new players with items. What have you committed to the community other then your ego?


Sounds like you’ve never played Destiny 2. People grinding the same strikes over and over and over again for rare drops. But why? So that they can level up and grind the same strikes some more but be more powerful. Same here. Have you tried running Dynasty as level 55 (as the game suggests)? You’ll get rekt in no time. Heck, even a bunch of not so good level 60’s won’t be able to finish it.

I don’t understand how people can’t understand that there are different things people enjoy doing in games. You know, some like to shoot, some like to race, some like top down Diablo games, some like third person games like NW or Dragon Age. Some like to play chess and some like to play House Flipper or Petrol Station Simulator or whatever it’s called. It’s like the “hardcore” MMO player base is just unable to grasp that that is far from the only genre of entertainment that exists out there.

Mods really need to start doing something about these daily “PvE vs PvP” threads. They’re flooding the forums lately.

Oh look, we have a 1337 PvP player amongst us, guys!

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My opinion is that… pvp is inherently anti social. It is not competitive gameplay… it is about gloating, the weak mentality and bullying. Personally, I find the entire attitude to pvp offensive. In almost every pvp game, ever made, the sides are made up of the very worst, that societies have to offer.

And I think it should be illegal to cater for those types of people, I believe qute firmly, that it encourages evil.

Pve on the other hand, enables communication between different peoples and it allows for interactions that lead to long term friendships and a level of social gameplay that makes people feel better about thier day. It can only be a good thing.

I think pvp should be limited to the forts only. Maybe expanded to 100 per side with faction only chat.


You don’t need to understand it.

You just need to respect that different people like different things.


I would say most people who go to MMORPGs for PvP know they cant hack it in a game built for PvP where skill might matter. Some actually get enough competition in other venues outside of games and dont need to play every game against people who act like you. I prefer most of my competition games to be face to face where people know to act like an adult.


if something isn’t fun or appealing to with your do with friends, then you shouldn’t do it. If you see other people doing something fun and appealing with friends and you haven’t tried it yet because you don’t understand it, then you should.

Hardly anyone RPs anymore. It’s quite rare (Thank God, those people are terrifying) and PvE players like the consistency and comfort of knowing how their build will perform, plus the added bonus of helping friends level up and obtain their gear along the way.

Just as an opening statement it seems those who really care about PvP seem to keep trying to PvP in the forums with PvE’rs. Unfortunately people like myself keep responding.

In my experience with a few mmo’s it is not the PvE’rs who leave first or in larger groups than PvP’rs. There are probably a number of reasons for this let’s not play the blame game. The one exception to this is when a hyped new title comes out and a bunch of people from both persuasions jump ship. Many of those return.

There was a time when I enjoyed the rush of PvP. Even before I reached endgame it was a break from the familiar in PvE. However, I always went back to PvE. The exploration of seeing new places and discovering lost corners of the world is added to by the satisfaction of gathering resources. The focus for many is camaraderie and teamwork.

Why so I like one more than the other? I don’t know. Frankly I don’t care. It doesn’t really matter. Nor does it matter why you like PvP. Just enjoy the fact that there are things we still enjoy in games.

I have never in any game reached max currency and in only a few have I reached max level in a craft There is a great deal of pride and satisfaction in maxing out a crafting profession. Each one has different goals and needs. Also creating things that are useful for yourself or others is a lot of fun.

Aside from these explanations I really can’t offer anything else. While I am sure there are more reasons I’ll leave that to others.

what PvP games do you play then?

people who play MMORPG for the PvP is for the community, being able to run cool raids in PvE then PvP in an arena after is a different experience than MOBA’s or FPS’s, those I also enjoy