I dont understand the logic behind pure PVE

What does that have to do with your screwed up logic on Valorant, CoD and LoL being MMOs? And where does it say that it has to have no loading screen? Heck then you have to exclude WoW, ESO, Secret world, FF14 etc. as MMOs.

Bottom line is, Valorant, CoD, LoL etc are not MMOs by definition. If you can’t accept that then sorry but there’s nothing more to discuss. And if you still think so, let Adam Savage define perfectly where you stand:


The PvE’ers are gonna come out and verbally PvP this guy

All games have endings.

Not everyone is an addict using video games as their outlet, or trying to avoid something horrible in their real life.

Wanting to have a video game that literally never ends, to play for 10+ hours every single day is unhealthy.

You achieve PvE BiS, complete all of your goals, and wait for the next content drop while moving on to other things in your life.

I like to PvP, but I don’t know why it’s so hard to understand why most players hate PvP - unless you just don’t PvP but claim you like it? I don’t know. It’s pretty easy to tell why it’s not enjoyable to most people and seen as griefing and power trip gaming (because that’s exactly what it is for 99% of the playerbase that claims to like PvP.)

Destiny limits player party to what… 3 for dungeons, 6 for raids?

The point is that an MMO only promotes player interaction. Such as saying Destiny 2 is an MMO, but Warzone isn’t an MMO. Mmo Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.com. When a gaming studio intends to market their game, THIS is the only thing they follow. Not the “well I don’t feel like this is an MMO” argument.

You gonna keep grasping just so you can keep claiming ‘PvP more popular!’ when it’s a known fact that the most successful (REAL MMOs, not your made up bullshit), are PvE first, if they have PvP at all.

Maybe already said but I don’t have time to read all the replies. Anyway:

You don’t need to understand why people only PVE, it’s a personal choice and quite a popular one at that. Clever game design in an mmo would be to make sure that a variety of players can have fun without clashing with each other and ideally while supporting each other (e.g. crafters making gear that is useful in pvp).

The trick is finding ways to encourage those who are playing PVE but would be willing to try PVP if there is incentive. The proposed luck increase is a decent start.

What a game studio say is irrelevant, the general consensus of what constitutes and MMO is clear as day.

I linked what an MMO is further up, that’s the general consensus of what constitutes and MMO. If you want to define it as something different be my guest, but that’s not a standard but rather your view on it.

PVE players are the only that really take enjoy from games, pvp player like you only cry cry cry loooool

This so much OP. I seriously cannot grasp how people want to enjoy this game as PvE only. The PvE is a means to an end. Get loot, get gear, get WM, get coin etc etc. End game needs to be PvP. If I wanted PvE only I would go play a single player game that’s been better catered toward me.

pvp monotone. kill people or die, and again and again, so is a piece of sht

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Then the PvP needs to be a lot better. Its not good enough to call it endgame for all. Its not

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Yes New World PvP needs lots of improvements and incentives.

Simply put, Not everyone likes PVP.


They may be an argument to be made what constitutes “massive”, but I don’t feel like it is important. You can call them MO instead of an MMO, the reality will be the same: the pvp games that have a reset mechanism are popular and will always be popular (LoL, Fornight, Rust etc) and the pvp in a persistent world with no reset will never be popular because after a while the new players simply stop joining as they can never catch up,

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Terms change, and no, they really aren’t. WoW is dying. FF14 and GW2, dying. MMO’s that solely incorporate PvE are dying. Sure, these players get spikesin their player base. Sure, FF14 got a surge of players (from the WoW jump-shippers), but PvE is dying.

The annual DOTA2 tournament prize pool is worth more than most of these game studios Net Worth. (currently at $40million USD for 2021)

You can try and sit there breathing the final breaths into PvE based MMO’s, but that’s all you can do. There’s a reason fewer, and fewer studios are releasing Solo player central RPG’s every year. There’s a reason why PvE MMO’s are releasing less and less frequently. The demand in the genre has changed, which in turn, has changed the meaning of the term MMO

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Because not everyone likes PVP. it is really that simple.

But it’s kinda weird they chose New World…then complain about lack of story, npcs, enemy types etc when there’s endless games that were meant to be exclusive PvE from day 1 that just seem like a better choice.

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FF14 dying?

Its ok. You don’t need to understand this. Just accept people enjoy games differently than you do.

Being done early, done everything? Well s8nce the average gamer plays about 8,5 hours a week (making it 1 hour and 10 minuntes a day) this will take pretty long even from now.

Some people even say that the majority has already reached level 60, while the official achievement overview shows its only close to 1/8th of the overall playerbase (12.4 %). 20.4 % has reached level 50 while almost half of the playerbase have reached halftiime (48.2 % have the level 30 achievement).

So what is your point? You don’t get that others do not play the game for the same reason and with the same dedication and motivation as you.

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$370million in gross revenue.

which is why I said

GW2 went down to $54million net worth, Blizzard is multi-title and basically a brand at this point so can’t actively gauge WoW’s sole revenue.