I dont understand the logic behind pure PVE

Once the game was marketed as PvE and PvP it needs all those things. Its not like you can PvP much if at all from low level in NW. Instead they seem to have half assed both.

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Have to show me costs before I can agree its dying. 30 million a month isnt bad unless costs are 31


You cannot just quote number in isolation, it must be relative to operating expenditures and overall revenue of the parent company.
FFXI is going strong after 20 years and is till profitable enough for SE to keep releasing content. Sure, the playerbase is small (still bigger than EVE online lol, the poster boy for pvp MMOs) but if it is big enough to warrant running servers and keeping small team employed, than the game is profitable.
And do you really not understand the difference between session-based games and persistent-world games or you just trolling?

I wonder where your (very colorful) thoughts come from that PvE players rush through the content and leave, when most players have not even reached level 30. But i guess you just have informations not available to the public.

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well, because of Steams return policy, I’d assume most accounts were not refunded. Which would keep them active on Steam… and with the hovering 170k players lingering in the game, I think it’s safe to assume steam charts aren’t an accurate representation.

Ohh. A MOBA is making money, so PvE is dying. :rofl:

WoW is dying because Blizzard made bad choices. And Blizzard sucks.

Citations needed.
FF14 is getting a new x-pac. GW2 is getting a new x-pac.
But seeing as you’re inventing terms to fit your narrative, I guess you also think claiming ‘PvE is dying’ makes it so.

While you sit there and lie to invent terms to make PvP sound better than it is. :man_shrugging:

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Weird logic, but sure, I’ll bite. Look at the current Revenue projections for 2021, then compare them from 2020, and 2019. It’s called projection. GW2 net worth has nearly half of what it was in previous years. FF14 even took a pretty large plummet (they lost $54million USD in 2020). WoW’s estimated player base lingers around 1million to 1.3million.

Anyways, I won’t do the work for you. Educate yourself.

Are you in a South America Server?

Lol wut?


This discussion of PvP and PvE has been going on for decades. Glad its alive here as well. No one has reached a consensus yet and probably never will.

Its a little bit like saying I dont understand people who like Metal music, i like Country and I dont understand them guys.

Both play music they just dance to a different tune.

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I do my pvp in OPR and whatever wars i can get into, if im out in the world i would rather relax, gather some resources and explore.

Its not like you are gonna get alot of interesting 1 vs 1 or smaller engagements out in the open world these days anyways, its mostly gank groups fighting off people trying to shift influence in a territory.

I mean, i get it, open world pvp can be fun as hell, i play another mmo where the pvp is always on and that can get pretty crazy, but its not for everyone

But that is just my perspective on things.

I was speaking generally. :smiley:

I love PvE players (and PvE… leveling is usually one of my favorite parts of a new game). But, really, what I am saying could be said of most MMO players. It just so happens that most MMO players are also PvE players.

And, from a business stand point, it makes a lot of sense to 1) appeal to as many people as possible and 2) entice them to buy your game.

So it’s not JUST the players fault. But you must admit the last two decade of MMOs have been games getting HUGE amounts of initial players (the locusts going to a new crop) and then a sudden drop off and death of that game (onto a new crop).

them wiki cites. I’m looking at studio revenues, not another “2019 is the year for MMO’s!”, “2020 is the year MMO’s will be great”, “2021 is the best chance for MMO’s”, as we’ve seen over… and over.

All that matters is if the company is profitable. If they profit, they’ll expand. If they don’t the game will ultimately lack development and die off. That’s really all there is to it.

Regardless of how you feel, or whether you agree is irrelevant. The fact is, games like DOTA 2 and LoL net insanely higher profits than most “conventional” MMO’s on the market. $40million USD for a single tournament, when ANET’s total net worth is $54million USD speaks volume.

Why should steam refund a game if its played beyond the 2 hour mark and is not totally broken as some individuals thry to make people believe? Answer: they shouldn’t.

On the other hand you have same amount of people claiming that most people that already quit are people bored at 60 with nothing to do.

So it seems… its pretty accurate from both sides of the same coin perspective.

oh look, another post by the “we know who” side of the fence calling the ‘bad boy’ demographic CAVE MEN and obviously getting away with it as the mods as we know are corruptly on their side.

18 likes…all looking as such forum posters that usually remain in the shadows, you speak for these dwellers hey, clearly.

Now I’m going to assume, you also like the Twitter? Because I sure as hell know someone who says ‘Ego Stroking’ in reply surely isn’t one themselves…

I didn’t say they should refund them? I said:

There’s like 300 people from Albion that I know for a fact don’t play the game anymore, however they all still own it. They stopped pre 30’s for the most part.

edit: 950k peak, down to around 170k peak (haven’t checked recently) is roughly a 80% loss? While I’m sure some players quit before the 2hr mark, I’m saying I think most did not. So It’s safe to assume that there are a lot of players who still attribute to the steam achievement data, who no longer actively play the game.

Guess cant read. Spot on about courent state of pvp in NW i think its worst one out of all mmos i ever tried… At lest Rush is. Weapon armour skill balance in new world is so messed up makes pvp not fun in my opinion.

300 out of almost 1,000,000 accounts is really much.

I did not say they shouöd have gotton a refund. I am just saying the you talking about people that didn’t get a refund makes no sense to even begin talking about. As its with almost every game on steam.

And it does not change that the majority is still not level 60 and bored.

Nothing abnormal about out leveling etc at the end of content dump.
Gold cap… ok… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
We just don’t have the content you would naturally progress to yet.