I dont understand the logic behind pure PVE

You’re sorely mistaken.

I make a game, say FF18, I make the game more open world, more combat, PvE and loads of dialogue that you expect right?

I make an instance arena for PvP, ye?

That arena has nothing to do with Final Fantasy online 18 because that is outside of the game world, it is a separate game from the main title. Now don’t come back with me with “but my character is in there and my look and items and my friends join up with”, it doesn’t matter, that ‘Arena’ has nothing to do with the core systems of the game itself.

These practices are intergrated properly in South Korea and they will be in AoC too because that is a complete world experience and that is the essence of an MMO.

I yet again stated that blizzard is a brand at this point, with multiple revenue streams and titles. It’s hard to base the financial success/failure of WoW with their model.

This game needs PvE players, and PvP players to be optimal.

Why don’t we just get along instead of hating the other players?

And yet, you said:

and then said - when challenged…

I get it, forum PvP is an acquired skill…but really.

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I like PVP and PVE. :innocent:

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The end game is mostly PvP.

Wars and Outpost Rush.

People do not flag because they don’t like to PvP.

So if your logic is that they should be forced to flag, you’re advocating for the death of the game you play.

This is always how it plays out:
The guy who spends 14 hours a day playing the game for months feels like a God for a while because he’s near impossible to kill in open world.


That guy gets beat by someone and goes and grabs 10 of his friends to try and grief that person into logging out.

That is legit MMO open world PvP when flagging is forced and it is why PvP servers die so quickly.

Consensual PvP is really the only solution if you want the game to be healthy, that’s how it’s always been. PvP servers just turn into PvE servers with one faction and a PvP namesake.

It only ever works out when even numbers are forced through instanced content or faction specific queues.

Even Outpost Rush has spawn camping right now because the systems can’t manage to create even teams for some weird reason.

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And isn’t it cool that the game let’s you choose as you see fit, and when you see fit? :slight_smile:

I’m just here for the joy ride, all I been seeing lately are long wall texts of PVE this PVP that or the best one yet, “I’m quitting” topics.

Why is everyone so fixated on getting other players to only like “their” way of game style and hate on you if you disagree.

I like PVE and PVP. If you’re quitting I want your stuff, thanks.

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Well, since I’m not going anywhere I guess you get to ask someone else. :wink:

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Now the last time I checked, feel free to prove me wrong.
But I could easily buy plenty of 550+ or higher gear score gear from the AH and yet there would somehow be an issue with a person who plays 14 hrs a day (which is MASSIVELY hardcore) who caps at 600 gearscore.

This, is, bizarre.

For some reason the PvE focused Knights around us would have us believe we are existing in systems that some mmo’s specifically engineer for a demographic that plays all the time…it’s not the case!

if that’s the most you gathered out of my comment, you’re being stubborn for the sake of pushing an argument.

What are other things the guy playing the game like it’s a job could have that would give him an advantage, HMMMMMM.

I’ve been PvPing in MMOs for over 25 years.

This is how the games play out, it is why PvP servers die, it is why PvP players in MMO are a minority playerbase.

Love it or hate it, nonconsensual PvP in the open world is not something most people enjoy and does not last.

No apparently “everything is fine” and we should quit.

You should actively go start a forum post telling everyone who wants a PvP server to roll on or transfer to some dead server right now and stay flagged no matter what.

What’s so hard about that?

25 years collecting experience and memories and you still can’t see past your own stubborness of why certain mmo’s have fallen flat.

“It’s the PvP! It’s that damn toxic PvP!”.

Ye, we’ll ignore all the bs enchanting and games that employ boosts and systems that force players to PvE all the time if they want to maintain PvP relavance due to there being no lvl cap and attaining more mats/skill experience etc.

Like we’ll just blame the fact alone that people don’t want to vs one another, right??

I never said any of that, stop projecting onto me.

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No, you definetly said it, if that’s all you’ve gathered from 25 years of experience, don’t pretend like you’re the most experienced guy in the room, it’s not pretty.

I did not say it, and you should go re-read what I did say then start making sensical arguments instead of emotional responses designed to illicit another emotional response. You aren’t here for conversation, you’re here because you aren’t getting what you want - and behaving like a spoiled child for it.

So you want me to go over this, which I’ve read and have to explain in detail why I think your arguement is totally false?

If you think it’s worth your time, sure.

I understand where you are coming from, but I would suggest that I have seen far to many MMOs where PVP players left before PVE players.

One thing I will also add is there are very very few Sandbox games that offer a PVE experience, most are Themepark. I honestly feel the developers have a great idea trying to advocate for all player types.

One last thing I feel is that it is hard to really see what the game is like until many of the current major holes are plugged, i.e. weapon viability (notice I did not say balancing).