I dont understand the logic behind pure PVE

Only partly because your post doesn’t deserve that much attention.

If I heard what I quoted in all my years of Lineage 2 I would laugh,

FOR ONE, why the hell would I waste my friends/allies beautiful time to bully a person who is struggling or maybe I’m just a little pissed off with because we had a disagreement?

The truth is,

You haven’t played real mmo’s that incorperate PvP into their game because with my, experience, acceptance and tolerance of other groups I am able to determine truth from liars just from their quickly jotted opinons of certain matters spewed out with little care or thought.

And that is too much attention, given to the likes of you…


Cope, seethe, rage.

First, I read your entire post and I realize you are stating the current game.

The end game is mostly PVP… for now.

People do not flag because they don’t like to PVP. Actually, I flag up when I want to PVP, otherwise, there are times when I am happy chopping trees without worrying about a small skirmish zerg waffle stomping me. This for me is the same argument over and over again. Attacking someone while they are killing a mob, harvesting a tree, collecting a quest objective is for me a cowardly act and since there are a huge collection of PVP players that view being flagged as “I want you to attack me because I am flagged”, I prefer to remain unflagged when I am not wanting to partake in battling other players. Sorry if this makes you believe I do not like PVP.

I do love the faction vs faction approach to PVP over just a FFA PVP style.

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I see we’ve devoided into branding instead of argue’ing, don’t want to defend your position with an example of a game you played?

Or am I too assume I’m right? which I very much expect.

and I’m done with this conversation of ours.

In answer to the OP, PvE people enjoy doing things as a team, making friends, some lifelong friends and are often helpful to other/lower players. PvPers prefer to kill anyone lower than them and have foul mouths to go with it. I don’t see why anyone would want to spend an evening learning new and disgusting swear words from illiterate kids who then broadcast it in general chat about how “gud” they are. That’s the difference.

That said, both my sons prefer PvP, but are in the rare minority of “honourable” PvPers who prefer a real challenge and have been brought up to respect other people and remember that there is a person behind that avatar who has a right to enjoy playing games, not to be made miserable.

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Yeah I agree, this is why consensual open world PvP winds up working out better - because people do not like to have their time wasted in game and the amount of time a person has to dedicate to the game varies widely from player to player.

Some people just want to be able to switch off anything stressful and enjoy themselves fishing or chopping trees or whatever.

I do think this game would have been very interesting had it forced flagging from the start - as it would have required players group up more and support one another, and formed a lot more bonds and friendships as a result.

We’re well past that, and honestly without Outpost Rush being live from launch forced PvP flagging would have probably killed the game twice as fast as it’s lack of end game content has now.

There just isn’t a purely PvP MMO out there that has been proven to work, maybe Ashes of Creation can pull it off in several years. It is a ridiculously complex task to create systems that ensure faction stability in a PvP environment.

If a developers goal is to have a game that lasts years and evolves, you cannot do what people are asking for here - you wind up with dead, one faction servers - even moreso than what we’ve already go. That’s the reality of it, there aren’t enough checks and balances on faction stability in this game to harbor true PvP servers.

I mean you already have the opportunity to respond to my original points and chose to take the two faced route, so I’m done with you, yeah.

If you don’t know what the meme of cope, seethe, rage is - you don’t PvP in MMOs. That’s the joke, that was the point of the comment - you claim I don’t PvP, I threw out an inside joke PvPers use to show you I do - your response shows that you aren’t a competitive level player.

Take care old man. Just remember you’re washed up.

no, they dont understand the concept. thats the problem with pvp incels, they need a massive rolling gear and stat/level advantage to be able to participate. its why they avoid games that are actually competitive in nature to begin with, and then piss and cry when people dont want to play their loaded game

Well, I guess it would really depend on what you mean by purely PVP MMO. If you mean a FFA Full loot PvP MMO, then I was say your statement is arguably true because of the lack of, if any, in this particular subgenre.

I felt DAOC was a very successful MMO that had its own take on PVP, called RVR. Of course it was successful, and likewise, their PVP server was successful. GW2 Server Vs Server is likewise, successful I would claim, but you have to understand they have servers battling each other on a mega server, so makes sense. So I would say there are games that have good PVP bits in MMOs, but a pure PVP MMO would certainly be rare.

This is why so many PvP players love “fresh” - the initial rush to level cap and BiS is the most fun a PvP MMO will ever be.

After the dust settles, the weirdos who get a sense of efficacy out of griefing players out of their game just push the community into the dirt.

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DAOC was definitely an outlier.

I was speaking more around the idea of a successful MMO on the level of PvE oriented ones that focuses strictly on PvP.

One of the most competitive PVP world known competitions in the MMO world was WoW Arenas. Personally, I do not find using the same flavor of the months in unison with other players using flavor of the months as being competitive, but that is my opinion. DAOC Siege was more random, now that was more competitive because you never knew if you were going to battle 1 enemy or 600.

there was some dbag on my server who hit 60 week 1, exploited shit, etc, constantly ran his mouth in general. about 3 weeks ago he stopped logging in entirely, mostly because everyone else had caught up in levels and weaponskills, and he start losing more and more, and would get harrassed in global about it.

havent seen him since. hasnt transferred either, i can still search him. so either he got banned for cheating (which we thought he was doing in the first place) or he got so embarrassed from getting smoked over and over he uninstalled in shame

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Still going​:+1:t3::ok_hand:t2:

Never thought I’d casually see all every argument error in a thread.

But this ones gold.

wow tried to do it the best, but the game still sucked. full of RNG, procs, imbalances etc. no season was good imo, just on the simple basis that RNG was so stupid. i never played past cataclysm so i dont know about other seasons, but the first 12 were a turd. and i played some of shadow lands arena, but that was again, just a bunch of RNG 1 shots. awful.

all these kids crying about great axe on this game would have a total and complete meltdown if they knew what RMP was. 14 years running too.

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MoP* and Wrath were good eras for WoW PvP but still had all of their problems.

I’ve heard good things about Cataclysm but wasn’t playing the game at the time.

A big problem WoW has always had is boosting, glads running around in the 1700 bracket shit stomping 2’s and 3’s by themselves for a few hundred bucks does so much harm to the PvP community in WoW.

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Cope, Seethe and Rage, DAOC…

Well if anyone with actual MMO experience that incorperates both PvE and PvP systems would like to talk about where NW needs to improve or you have differing opinions from actual experiences I’d be happy for a little spat.

yes smurfing was a major issue there, but any game with MMR runs into that. MOBAs too, high rated players will make smurf accounts and beat up noobs. i remember RTS games had that too. wc3 had some kind of primitive placement games system, people with like 2000 games played would just make a new account and destroy people for like 20 games or whatever it was.

people selling brackets is stupid though. pvp in these games should be 100% templated. no gear or rewards should come of it other than stupid crap like a title or cosmetic.

wont ever happen though, not enough of a carrot for the mules to chase. which is why mmo pvp should never be taken seriously, it is a joke.

I’m fine with resources coming out as rewards like pots or coins, but actual gear should be relegated elsewhere I agree.

That’s what a lot of arena glads wished for, for many years when I was in that circle and we never got it. I’m not sure that it would’ve been the solution everyone wanted either, though. Not having some form of progression to chase probably takes a big chunk out of the fun.

Wrath pservers did it best with vendors that just give you a barrier to entry glad set that will let anyone competent enough be on par with geared to the teeth players so long as they aren’t running legendary’s.

The issue with pservers is that you’re going against players who have been playing the same game for 4 - 7 years 10+ hours a day and the barrier to entry is ridiculous because of that.

Did you really just say FF14 is dying bwhahahahaha bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

I don’t even play that game and know you are full of shit. PvE is not dying and you don’t even have the metrics to back it up, JUST LIKE I DON"T but what I do know is when my friends log on to FFXIV as a dps and can get into a dungeon in less than 3-5 minutes that does not seem like a dying game to me, not to mention the shear amount of people I see running around their screens non-stop in all the cities and out in the world that is FFXIV. Plus let’s be real FFXIV devs literally play their own game. I’m sorry I just had to respond to your point because it is just patently false in so many ways.