I don't understand what this change is for?

Idk what this change was for, low levels and gathering levels? I feel like this doesn’t do much besides help bots get max gathering faster.


so they look like they’re doing something. You ever bluff a paragraph or two on your school papers so it’s a full page? This is a prime example of it.

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They definitely trying to make the earlier level experience feel better. Kinda laughed at the other comment saying this is just filler stuff because it really felt like this patch had a lot of that and is missing some of the big QOL updates we have been asking for forever and really any significant balance updates. But hey I’m fine, can’t always get the big beefy patches. Just know that I’m more excited to see the next PTR patch notes when May comes around. Hoping they release those as soon as possible for some nice hyyyyypeee.

Maybe their team is allocating tons of resources to creating and fixing the 3v3 PvP Arena and mulling over technical sides like if we’ll have tokens for buffs and potions. Healing tweaks or no, any bugs with the expedition finder/Arena queue and they haven’t allocated much to anything else in order to create and release the arena as fast as possible.

Is it the new bow fixes? No? Meh don’t really care then.

In all seriousness, I really don’t know lol. Seems like they are putting a lot of resources into trying to fix early game though.

Nobody can blame them honestly. Most people quit before 60.

It wasn’t hard to get to 60, and 1 to 50 was definitely fun. It went dry and stale at 50 and that’s when most people quit.

Also, as it grew dry and stale to get to 60, they made crafting infinitely harder. Lol. I think they should’ve kept crafting at the same ease, balanced exp the way they did, but not make it to where you have to spend 30k to max it out.

The real reward is getting the gear and the trophies, 200 trade skill is the easiest part.

Also, I would assume so since it was the only weapon that they mentioned in the video. Maybe they’re doing a complete overhaul not just a balance tweak.

Only time will tell.

I don’t blame them I just don’t think its going to make a big difference honestly. As for bow… I expected some balancing during a patch they called bugs and balance but had zero balance for anything. Just like 1 or 2 small bug fixes on every weapon.

Yes, I am a little salty. I will have plenty of salt for the pvp track.

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This was definitely my experience. I think adding a few major quests with movie cutscenes, voice acting, and a major solo boss fight at the end would be great content to fill the 50-60 gap. That should have been what our quests looked like from the beginning.

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I still think they should have normalized OPR and unlock OPR at level 45.

With PvP arenas around the corner, I think it would be okay to upscale the lower half of new world to have fun in OPR while the try hards can stick to arenas.

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Soluss awaken from a 1000 year cryo sleep, asks if there bow has been fixed… No? Put me back under!


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

To make the farming bots that are about to abuse server transfers more efficient. :thinking:

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