I dont want a rollback even though i didnt recieve any gold

what do you mean? you can restore any modern database to a specific point in time, down to a second or a specific transaction.

We will see :wink:

I will be ok if they just leave it be with the gold just give everybody 300k and everything will go up depending peoples gold for example a wood which previously costed 0.20 gold now will cost 3 gold until everything on the market settles down again

and you are very specific about 7 days being the worst case, why?

Becouse 7 days ago was the last patch

well, i call BS on this. the last patch was today and yesterday there was another one.

really? What patch was it?

Honestly i dont know we will wait and see but if i lose my bow and spear i am out. I will play the game maybe 1 year later after the game stabilizes becouse these bugs are out of control man

can you answer a simple question?

Which patch was it? 1.06… was it 1.1? Maybe it was 1.2???
Cause u know… a maintenance shutdowm or “a fix” isnt exactly a patch.

And just for your info… not every server has a button to go back in time and restart.
Are you srsly that simple minded?

ok, no need to insult me. you have clearly no idea what you are talking about mixing up servers and databses, thinking a fix is any different to a patch when rolling it out, not knowing which restore options a modern server/database has…

so for me it is end of discussion. have a good day and please stop scare people about 7 day rollback for whatever reason. thank you

tbh if you make any update on this big of a project you ALWAYS do a snapshot of the current state right b4 you update the thing. So that you can rollback to this state when screw ups happen.

you need to learn reading.
“Worst case scenario” you clearly dont understand this.
Yo uare the 1 starting discussion.

I said to you: We will see.

So lets keep it to that… we will see.
Have a nice day

I wouldnt be surprised if they didnt… wouldnt you at this point?
and why are servers down 8 hours?

There isnt a rollback coming, period.

i never said i believe they did any snapshot. But thats a big fucking mistake on their behalf. I really believe som poor devs are forced to wirte a big fucking ass script right now trying to annihilate any shit that cam with those large amount of money. And that is wahts fucking it up big time right now

sorry to say but its not possible anymore with the millions of items traded.
I love this game and a big fan… but I am realistic and this is such a huge f%$# - up…

Rollback has huge consequences and i even doubt they can or will do a rollback.
But to rollback single characters is also not fair and extremly hard to do.
Then you have all the traded coins, items etc etc…
So there will be “again” duped coins in economy.

I doubt the servers will open soon.
This team is just lost and has no clue… sorry to say this.

This was posted in the Discord by Kay and seems to indicate it’s to just before the compensation was given out.


there we have it. tyvm

You dont want a rollback so you want a screwed up economy?

Are you serious right now?

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