I enjoy New World a lot

The graphics are great, and the gameplay mechanics are next level compared to anything before. Leveling is grindy, but also fun due to the mechanics and a good progression motivation.

My background is 2nd Gen MMOs: WoW Classic, Saga of Ryzom, Tabula Rasa, Guild Wars 1. Those rebranded copies of WoW (mechanics wise) that came after that i skipped.

Now this is finally a new step with lots of new ideas put into a game.

What i do not get is this very loud and toxic part of the community that reacts to every little change with an outcry like someone stole their left leg.

What is up with this entitlement? Is it the offspring of the metaphoric Karen, that inevitably had to join online communities at some point?

First they think they are threatening anyone by publicly posting “i am going to stop playing if you do not do AS I SAY”. Then when they don’t see the “success” of their masterplan (because no one gives a f**k) they organize a review bombing. That is like saying “If I am not going to have fun with it NO ONE SHOULD”. Hurting the playerbase even more.

Stomping their little feet to the ground, not understanding how they are not CEO of all decisions made for New World.

Guess what, this is not your birthday party, where everything resolves around you, this is an MMORPG. The first “M” stands for “massively”. Which means its not just you. Its tens of thousands of other players too. You are trying to make the game adapt to your playstyle, instead of adapting your playstyle to the game. No game has ever been or will ever be perfectly balanced, it is a constant change in every MMO. Even lacking this knowledge back then the community was way more calm and less toxic about changes. We were just happy to be there, enjoying the parts we can enjoy instead of hating as much as possible. METAs changed even before the term META was there.

If you want a game with minimal challenge that is not evolving over time go play farmville.

Good luck in life if you fail to adapt to a >videogame< already.


What do you think people are upset about ? From your post seems like you have no idea and people are just upset because its fun to be “toxic”

Here is a hint: Devs released PTR to “test” the pre-release branch. Then released a random branch that was patched in from a month ago. This is the tip of the iceberg


well said


Totally agree !


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well… it was about time that someone point this out.
Agree with you, i like the game alot myself… finnaly something that is not like wow. Ofc, there are bugs, the game is fresh. I like to lvl and beside lvling i also take time to lvl professions as i do not want to grind them when i hit max lvl… so i am doing it slowly (currently lvl 40) and i really like it alot.

What they will bring in the future, that is next question. I just wat pvp battlegrounds and that more conent and improving the game/bugs…


they need to iterate on feedback faster. nerf GA melee snapping and you will see people return to play and also now quit in the coming weeks

Let me do my duty and relax, but I will also join the fun.


I agree…
It is a beautiful game, the graphics are breathtaking, the sounds are amazing…it is truly a masterpiece.

I am hoping that AGS can iron out any problems and I am staying around for that to happen.
But I will not be playing as much because my server has a painfully low population, and people I was playing with have left, leaving me alone.
Playing at the moment doesn’t have the same feeling because my New World is empty, and much of the game content I can’t do because you need a group. You cant even defend towns against corruption.

But… I will still play, just not as much…


I am at end game with a 580 watermark preparing to enter the end game dungeons.

I enjoy the game a lot. They fucked up a lot of things a lot of times but I’m not about to stop playing the best MMO of the last decade.

You will be back on future expansions also. You’re just a kid.

Pats in head*


The PvE is dog shit easy, bumping up health pools just makes it more tedious.

There is nothing mechanically difficult or skilled about it - most of the super meta gameplay revolves around just wearing heavy armor and hoping grit procs before you’re hit, then blowing your CC off cooldown.

If you think this is challenging I envy you. Satisfying? Yeah it can be. Difficult? Hell no, removal of the stagger system made sure it was dumbed down to casual standards.

Interesting how these astro turfing posts designed to contain negative criticism in a thread that’s titled the opposite use the same type of language that literally nobody in the gaming community uses.

Amazon’s definitely in full damage control mode, haven’t seen this kind of stuff since launch when they were in full panick mode over the sweaties possibly revealing how bad Restless and on is.


I also enjoy new world, yeah there are a few bugs and the mob health scaling is an issue and the healer nerfs and WH buffs weren’t great but overall the game is still enjoyable with a large group. On our server we managed to create a really friendly community with all factions and actively try to prevent dupers and police people on our server. I would like to see AGS hire a GM to manage like 5-10 servers to help prevent duping exploiters botters and such.
Also really upset about whirlwind on GA not working properly was so happy to see grit added only for the ability to be bugged and start teleporting u around . Im still going to play the game tho :smiley:


I was the first hitting 60 in my company and probably one of the first to experience how empty this game feels after you hit 60. Not only because of missing endgame, but because of bad endgame and bugs/lag.

I could make a list of all the things and point out the 100 bugs, but seriously, i quit the game 2 weeks ago so i really dont care.

Im only lurking on theese forums because i find it funny how its possible to mess up a game with such a huge potential as they did.
And they just keep doing bad decisions over and over, loosing even more people.

Its funny how you guys think its the best MMORPG of the decade when they havent done anything right.

As i said.
Nice graphics :+1:


And as I said:

You will be back


Well tbh dupers and cheaters aren’t exactly their fault. Ye you can take it as “its their fault people can dupe because poor coding allows that” but we know people are always 1 step ahead. Its like blaming government not preventing people doing crimes.

A lot of people left because of that dupes/cheating. Players are to blame too.

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So OP, what’s your max level? 10? 15? Enjoy those great first 25 levels while they last. All the issues are encountered at the second half of the game. Don’t say this game is great when you haven’t seen anything yet.


Maybe, but odds are the game will be dead, or in a state with a very small player base.
I dont think they can get out of this mess tbh.

And i understand your frustration over people beeing vocal over the state of the game, but its not like its one thing, its more like its 8 out 10 things that doesnt work.

I was a big fan of the concept, but the developers must be a group of beginners because i have never seen a game with so many bad developing decisions.
Its almost a joke really. Are they even adults? Im not sure.

I just cant understand what they are thinking or what they thought would happen?


Agree with your analysis.

Be prepared for some blowback from people who don’t like your medicine.

I agree, but its kinda naive to think they wouldnt be attacked. And why did Amazon sponsor a game that dosnt have the basics in place? (code that is actually working)
Did they think hackers would leave the game alone?

A pvp game?
Well, good luck with that.

I call people children when they are behaving like children.
If you really think Amazon will let new world die you are indeed young. I don’t use it as an insult.

I will tell you what will happen and mark my words:
The game will stabilise at 100-150 k and in the next expansion Amazon will go all out with the publicity.

Then the game will skyrocket and you WILL be back along with 300k other players